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Smartphone Awards: 2014!


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  Related Products: [wpramazon asin=”B00N7E9YHQ” keyword=”smartphone review 2014″] [wpramazon asin=”B00PMETKIM” keyword=”smartphone review 2014″]

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  1. This massive new video is live – The 1 stop shop for the best of what came
    out this year!

    *Smartphone Awards: 2014!*

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  2. iPhone is the best. Why is it that when you see a celebrity with a
    smartphone, it’s an iPhone? My iPhone 6 is the same as most multi
    millionaire’s phones. Your Android runs the same OS as poor African school

  3. This time I don’t agree with all of Marques’ statements. I don’t know, for
    me Marques doesn’t really sound that honest in this video, like he’s trying
    to really justify his statements just to get more fans. So like, in his
    last videos, he isn’t really a tech-geek anymore, he’s more like a
    marketing / political person. His judgement isn’t really that neutral /
    original anymore, not really based on all aspects that are neutrally
    equally well-portioned. I do even find that Marques just follow the trend
    of people, with other words, to get more fans. I have to say it’s so
    disappointing… But hey, it’s only my opinion. Maybe he’s too busy with
    his university life and is so much under pressure to produce many videos;
    however I’d still love to see an original mind. But so is the real world
    right, you don’t easily get original minds, people are blocked with trends,
    with the opinions of other people that aren’t necessarily true, with money,
    and so on… Marques, if you read this, consider my words.

  4. 1- iPhone 6
    2- HTC ONE M8
    3- iPhone 6 plus
    Special mention: Xperia Z3

    ALL the rest are pure crap. 

  5. Look at all these pathetic Android peasants. They just can’t deal with the
    fact that Apple Devices are just better than their peasantry devices. Laggy

  6. I can tell Marques is pretty disappointed with the Nexus 6.

  7. 1.HTC ONE M8
    2.XPERIA Z3
    4.MOTO X 2014
    9278.IPHONE 6

  8. I’m watching this from the One M8 i recently got and I realized that this
    phone just isn’t for me. Im gonna return it and get an iPhone 6 plus. Don’t
    get me wrong this phone is awesome (Its insanely fast, the build quality is
    just gorgeous and the boom sound speakers…oh my…incredible) but I
    realized I’m more simple than that and an iPhone suits me more. I did come
    from an iPhone 5 and I do think IOS is better for me just because of the
    little things. I can live without widgets and all the cool things has to
    offer. If some android fanboy is going to bash my opinion just know that I
    still support android (not a hater) it’s just that people sometimes don’t
    need high end specs and the android benefits to be satisfied with their
    phone. :)

  9. The no 1 position should go to the lg g3
    It has great specs
    4k q hd display
    +Marques Brownlee​​  

  10. HTC One M8 it is.

  11. HTC One M8 user here.

    I can rest happy tonight knowing you consider this phone #1. I agree. 

  12. The people in USA hate samsung so much, because it’s way better than
    apple… all i see is hate for the products of samsung, that nobody can
    tell the truth anymore because people complain 

  13. Best video yet

  14. Marques Brownlee is very knowledgeable, but I don’t think he has lost all
    credibility in my books by placing the HTC M8 as his favorite. Sure, it
    works best for him and build quality looks decent. But vs his honorable
    mention LG G3, The HTC doesn’t have a replaceable battery, has a worse
    screen, doesn’t have laser auto focus, doesn’t have optical image
    stabilization, doesn’t have wires recharging, (does it have expandable
    memory like the G3?) but the deal breaker is the AWFUL CAMERA that many
    blogs and users repeatedly complain about. I would HATE that slippery One
    M8 so metal body doesn’t do anything for me and I don’t obsess about
    selfies and the Non-Google play edition skin is unbearable to me. When my
    contract is up with my iPhone 5s, it’s the LG G3 or the LG G4 for me when
    its time for a new phone.. 

  15. Am I the only guy who likes the Z3??

  16. I myself own both the One M8 and the iPhone 6 and both are amazing. The
    iphone is definitely the better phone for first time smartphone users, it’s
    just so easy to use and understand. That’s also the reason why it’s
    currently my daily driver (despite the fact I was using Android phones for
    over 3 years now), it’s just so fast and smooth and everything I want to do
    is an edge faster than on android. On the other hand I just miss many
    features of Android. Why can’t I choose a different launcher and ios? Why
    can’t I easily root it and do whatever I want? Why can’t I put more usefull
    icons into quick settings? Why can’t the notification center be more
    usefull? And the list goes on. The only big issue I have with the One M8
    right now is the camera. Its resolution is kinda low, I often miss the 8MP
    from the iphone. Furthermore I seem to have a build issue where my camera
    lens got extremely scratched (it looks milky if you look at it and takes
    extremely blurry pictures). I haven’t found anyone yet with the same issue,
    so it’s most probably just a one case scenario…

  17. I knew the M8 was going to win. Very amazing phone..HTC outdid themselves

  18. Should I buy the LG G3 or the Samsung Galaxy S5? I was thinking of S5 at
    first because of the camera but I’ve already had S2 & S3 and I’m kinda
    getting tired of the interface. What do you guys recommend? S5 / G3

  19. This massive new video is live – The 1 stop shop for the best of what came
    out this year!

    *Smartphone Awards: 2014!*

    Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

  20. Couldn’t disagree more, if it has touchwiz then it’s last place in my book

  21. How is the Galaxy Note 4 not one of the top phones, ifnot the top phone.
    Also, how are there no Nokia devices like the Lumia Icon in the camera

  22. Popularity never defines quality and value.

    Apple’s 6Plus is a nobrainer rippoff. Its the most expensive smartphone on
    the market and performs similar than smartphones half it’s price with even
    less features than those smartphones


  23. The invite system for the 1+ is what killed it for me. I understand having
    an invite system for maybe a month or so, but this shit took forever. No
    longer interested. 

  24. This makes me happy that I just bought the m8 lol

  25. All i see in the comments are people saying “iPhone is the best cause
    celebrities have them”….ignorance must be bliss, celebrities are paid to
    use products so they will be seen with the product and people will think
    that it is the best thing in the world because a rich person uses it.
    iPhones have about 0 customization to go along with them. Samsung has a lot
    or bloatware yes, but in the reality of things if you dont use it, then
    dont make a short cut for it and you will never see it. Windows phones are
    just…lets not talk about them. My point is every phone has its ups and
    downs, and all you people are defending the phone you have, and not
    realizing there are better phones out there. The thing is its all about
    what your needs are.but with all this being said Apple is the devil and
    they steal designs so fuck them. plus apple uses retina desplay is made by
    Samsung and they dont even give them credit 

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