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LG ET83 IPS LED 10 Point TouchScreen Monitor Review

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  1. Is this compatible with android tech?

  2. Weak

  3. can in windows 7 work?

  4. No it won’t

  5. are the Lg touch 10 and the samsung SC770 both monitors only? or are they
    all in one computers

  6. Nice intro u copied

  7. First

  8. Thank you very much for this review this is why i watch you

  9. hello, this product is already selling?

  10. excellent review. its down to the samsung sc770 review (if that comes out
    any time soon) and this. thanks for giving us the first real look at
    screen. been waiting since ces for this, which has been a loooong wait.
    thanks again.

  11. Love the review, and love the Pong review. Question: can I use this monitor
    by lying it on a table instead of let it stand normally? As if in a
    2-persons chess game. Thanks bro.

  12. You didn’t say anything about the connections

  13. i just bought screen. just wanted to know will the touch function work if i
    hook up my ps3 to the monitor?

  14. expensive

  15. Aqui vai custar 8 mil reais

  16. Agreed. probably not something to buy if you’re a part time server.

  17. is it mac compatible?

  18. 3d ? or not

  19. thanks and keep watching

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