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Tested In-Depth: Best Entry-Level DSLR Camera

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  1. Best Entry-Level DSLR is a Nikon D5200/D5300. They have great image
    quality, dynamic range, low-light ISO noise, and color depth. The only
    difference between the two is the D5300 records 1080/60p. If you do not
    need slow-motion video, the D5200 provides slightly higher image quality
    for a lower price. The D5200 can be found for $646.95 with a kit lens here:
    http://bhpho.to/1dROG0u and the D5300 can be found for $796.95 with a kit
    lens here: http://bhpho.to/1lI42rh.

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  3. Title description is wrong. It should be “best Entry-Level DSLR Camera
    between Canon and Nikon. Because the best entry DSLR on the market right
    now is the PENTAX K-50 or the K-30. Optical Pentaprism, 6 fps, 2 rotating
    knobs, In camera image stabilization ( like Sony A7 II) and weather
    sealing. You dont have to think about it much, to understand it’s way
    better that what Nikon and Canon can offer right now for that kind of

  4. Buying your first DSLR/DSLT? This single piece of advice is ALL you need
    to know… Buy what your friends have. Most all of the cameras have equal
    features these days. By purchasing something your friends have, you will
    have someone who already knows the camera and can get you going with it.
    They will also have lenses that you can try and share. When you are
    picking a model (that your friends have) you will other things to keep in
    mind such as camera feel and obviously shooting modes/options. Do not
    underestimate the feel of the camera. Chances are, you are going to have
    this camera for a while and have it in your hands a lot. Hope this helps.
    No big debate needed here. Get what your friends have and get out there!
    If you have no friends, like me…well then the world is your oyster! :-)

  5. The first thing that caught my attention with the D3300 out of the box was
    how light and comfortable it feels in my hands. The camera grip is very
    smooth and big enough to allow for a secure grip. I also like how the lens
    retract and take up less space in the camera bag.
    This camera has the best combination of image quality, features, handling,
    size/weight, and price on the market right now,
    I highly recommend the Nikon D3300

  6. Being a Pentax and Sony user. I can come out and say that ANY pentax camera
    is easy to get into and easy to learn. Their menu systems are self
    explanatory to the point that the manual does not need to be read for
    someone that’s never picked up one of their cameras before. If you DO have
    to refer to a pentax’s camera’a manuel, the manuel is VERY in depth and
    thorough. My sony camera bodies have piles of settings that DO NOT explain
    themselves and require referring to a manual that is VERY vague and often
    times requires some googling and research to figure out exactly how many of
    sony’s functions and features work. 

  7. I didn’t learn anything about what I should buy

  8. +Tested Do you have a video for which “entry level” full frame (35mm) DSLR
    is the best? I have a Nikon D5100 and want to upgrade to a full frame
    camera, but don’t have the money for the top end ones (yet). Which full
    framed DSLR do you recommend?

  9. the 50mm and 35mm primes for canon work great on both the APS-C as well as
    full frame, I don’t know what this guy is talking about.

  10. what about t3i or the GH2 or Canon Eos M

  11. All in one is master of none, so for video a dedicated HD camcorder is FAR
    better than an entry DSLR. For still images, Nikon or bust honestly.

  12. nikon d5200 definitely

  13. This is so much c(rap). The best dslr for a budding photographer is the one
    that he can afford. Canon,Nikon Pentax and Sony all make good cameras for
    the beginner. This video is just a Nikon advertisement and nothing more.

  14. D3300/D5200 are hands down the best bang for the buck. They demolish the
    Cannon options. Mirrorless are probably a better buy right now TBH unless
    you need a lot of different lens.

    Edit: If you’re looking for Mirrorless check out the A6000, it’s pretty
    much the best value for the money when it comes to mirrorless and has a EVF
    with a lot of mirrorless don’t have.

    D5300 is good too if you want the updated processor, lack of optical
    low-pass filter or extra fps.

  15. Nikon (Knick- On)

  16. Which os are better for video

  17. I am very surprised that you didn’t talk about the Pentax K-50 which I feel
    are better than the Canons that you mentioned, with close to equal image
    quality of the D3300, with additional features such as metal body, weather
    proofing, dual jog wheel, very easy and intuitive menu systems, good kit
    lenses and at a price break that is less than the Canons mentioned and
    D3300.. Also, a plus of many film lenses available that don’t require
    image stabilization because it is built into the K-50 body… I think the
    K-50 is very simplified for beginners and a level of control to satisfy
    more experienced users… Also, weatherization is almost unheard of for
    under $1000. If one opts for the K-500 then that is another savings and
    puts the camera along side the competitors who don’t offer it… I looked
    at all the Nikons, Canons, Sony and felt that the K-50 was a superior
    purchase and for every dollar spent I sure get a dollars worth and then
    some… The only trade off was video which didn’t matter to me as I bought
    the K-50 for stills only anyway… I would recommend the K-50 for
    beginners on up and no need to recommend to a professional because they
    already know what they want… It is a camera that many will never outgrow
    and a host of controls and level of control that allows for huge growth…
    A camera that you can start with and possibly never need to upgrade… Also
    a camera that won’t be lagging behind with lens upgrades either and can
    take full advantage of such a move if one desires… Ebay and Craigs list
    is full of film camera lenses that can be had for very little money…
    With these lenses even an entry level lens can boost it to a better class
    simply because of the crop factor and because of this you use only 66% of
    the lens that is closes to the center which is where the best part of any
    lens is… I bought several KAF lenses ranging from $7 to $25… It doesn’t
    get any better than that… 4 of the lenses were prime lenses 2-50mm and
    2-28mm… 2-28 to 80mm, 4- 28-200… etc now all I do is test each and keep
    the ones that I want and ebay the others and end up with what I want with
    few bucks spent… I have two kit lenses – 18-55, 50-200 and will end up
    with a 28-80. 28-200 (at least one of each is also macro) and maybe keep
    one 28mm prime which is also macro… I will end up with 2 kit lenses and 3
    of all the lenses I bought and have invest probably less than $75 for the
    three… 5 or 7 lenses total will keep me satisfied for a long time…
    Total layout of camera lenses (3 different flashes)… Still below the $800
    mark… You can’t do that with either Nikon or Canon because of the
    expense of the lenses – unless you want to sacrifice image stabilization…
    With the Pentax there is no sacrifice because of the built in stabilization
    allows you to buy better glass at lower prices… You absolutely can’t go
    wrong with a K-50…

  18. any good cameras for a poor guy like me? Like a 400$ budget so I can get it
    for 200$ used?

  19. FYI There is no ‘Rebel’ in anywhere else but the USA, it’s the ‘D’ series
    everywhere else, eg ‘xxxD’

  20. I just got my Nikon D3300 and it’s pretty awesome. Tip: A lot of cameras
    are really good entry level DSLRs for about the same price. Unless you
    really need a special feature, don’t get your mind set on having to have
    one specific camera. Wait until a really good deal comes around and get
    that camera. I got my D3300 refurbished for only $320. 

  21. You could always get an EOS 20d secondhand if you have limited funds.
    They are very cheap now considering the quality you get.
    They’re good cameras and take a huge range of lenses.
    I had one for years and loved that camera!
    Research first though.
    PS the important thing is NOT the camera body but the quality of the lens.
    The body gets outdated fairly soon with new technology but a good lens
    holds its value.

  22. Had to stop watching this right around 6:17, that whole EVF vs OVF argument
    to write Sony off as a brand.

    Firstly, technically Translucent Mirror cameras are DSLRs, with the R
    standing for Reflex, meaning a reflecting mirror (which in this case is
    translucent and reflects some of the light into an always-on AF system).

    Secondly, the A-Mount Cameras from Sony offer an extensive lens system of
    both crop and full frame lenses with competitive prices to Canon/Nikon and
    also offer high quality glass from Carl Zeiss. The SLT A-Mount range offer
    faster AF than their mirrorless compatriots and with the much larger
    bodies, they not only look/feel more significant. If you’ve ever used long
    lenses, you know how much having the large body to hold onto the camera
    when shooting comes in handy.

    Honestly, if you’re looking for the best entry level camera, Canon’s T3i is
    based on a 4 year old design and while capable, is dated, leaving the Nikon
    and Sony (and Pentax worth mentioning, but they don’t have a Full Frame).
    Nikon D3200/3300 has limited lens options with AF due to the lack of an
    in-body focus motor (same for the D5x00 cameras). With the Sony A58, you
    have access to 28 years worth of Minolta AF lenses to play with and for
    cheap prices, it’s a great system to get into if you’re on a budget. And
    with the EVF and it’s live image preview is fantastic for learning and
    understanding Manual controls and their effects on the final image.

    I’m not saying all this because I’m some “Sony Fanboy” but because 7 months
    ago I was looking at DSLRs and almost went Canon, but went with a Sony A58
    instead because both my Brother and my late-fiancee shot beautiful pics
    with Sony. Knowing what I know now, I’m happy with my choice and have since
    upgraded to an A77II with a decent amount of lenses (incl. a 70-400G) and
    my photography has developed a following. All because I learned on a Sony
    DSLR with an EVF.

  23. Great rundown on what we have to pick from. I’ve been using a Nikon D5100
    for my videos and have wanting to switch to a Cannon. I guess the jury is
    still out for me. 

  24. Eston Playz And Stuff

    The RX100 MKII and MKIII are pocket cameras. In fact, the MKIII is the best
    pocket camera in the world.

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