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Samsung Smart WiFi Blu-Ray Player Unboxing (BD-E5400)


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  1. just got myself the samsung bd h5100 … hope its well built and durable ,
    its a non wifi , 2014 version …. just pray its a good buy

  2. Can you watch regular DVDs in this? If so, will the quality improve at all?

  3. WTF where’s the fucking coaxial cable

  4. that mean i could go on line on my ps3. cool

  5. Ave a panasonic blu ray player with built in wifi and I can’t figure out
    how to activate it so that I can watch netflix. I currently have no source
    of wifi but the blu ray player

  6. no Analogue audio output facepalm

  7. Just want to make sure you know this But it probably doesn’t have Wi-Fi N
    Which probably means you’re Netflix movies will look not so good.

  8. Do i need to buy a HDMI cable?

  9. In many reviews I have seen it says this blu-ray player has smart hub
    streaming. i can not find out where this is located on my BD-E5400, and
    also my device only comes with the three out of 5 pre loaded apps. If
    anyone knows why these problems occur please let me know

  10. I don’t think it does. The USB port is only there for servicing the device.

  11. I returned this player in like 2 days and got a Panasonic DMP-BDT220
    instead. It was frustratingly slow, especially the Netflix app, which would
    frequently become unresponsive and lock up the whole player for minutes at
    a time. Even the power button won’t work when this happens, so I’d have to
    pull the plug if I didn’t want to wait.

  12. Would this model play data discs??

  13. Like you, I don’t own a Samsung TV. I DO own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.
    I’m curious if this will essentially turn my basic HDTV into a smart TV
    that will afford me the advantages of having the Tab 2 10.1 & a Samsung
    smart TV for sharing content between the 2 devices. Hope to hear from you,
    & thanks!

  14. It should work with any HDTV.

  15. Cool

  16. Actually I do have another one. This was a gift to someone else 😀

  17. Is the BD-e5400 bivolt?

  18. Spyderco Dragonfly would help you out on your next unboxing.

  19. Thanks for your reply! Supposedly, youre able to connect wirelessly to
    Samsung smart tv, but w/the cost, I was hoping the smart dvd would do
    essentially the same thing. Thank you again, & best wishes… Joe

  20. Alonso Candelaria

    Its posible to get audio from my tv to a component or ists better by
    conecting directly to the bluray player?

  21. Alonso Candelaria

    Thanks techharves :-)

  22. I know I’m a bit late but congratulations on your 400th video. I’m really
    curious with the future holds for your channel. So keep doing what you’re
    doing 😉

  23. You don’t need WiFi, you can just use it as a BluRay/DVD player if you
    want. As long as your TV has an HDMI port, you can use this device with it.

  24. No problem. 😀

  25. The USB port is only used to service this device. You can’t use it to play
    content on it.

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