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Learn how to make men shirts part 1

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  1. can you explain more,to let us know what your doing an why?…..but I loved
    the tutorial.the

  2. Thanks for sharing!! You made it look so simple!!! Not rocket science!!!

  3. Dat’s a in-da-hood top gal – and I love it! Thanks for sharing. Hugs

  4. Which material is the paper you used for the pattern?

  5. TheOriginalMrMoose

    Best wishes to you! It is always easier to learn things when learning with
    another person. My partner died 4 yrs. ago and was creative, but hated
    sewing. Oh, well . . . . Good luck to you both!

  6. TheOriginalMrMoose

    WTF? Are you illiterate or just can’t type (or both)?

  7. Hello Des, That looks incredibly..complex..but doable. My partner and I
    have made a promise to learn sewing for 2013..then learn tailoring because
    my place does not really have a reputable men’s tailor..hehehe

  8. Hey you guys, check out my channel if you want to know how to draw shirt
    patterns 😉

  9. String good

  10. AWESOME!!! Im gonna try this 😀 😀 thanks a lot! 😀

  11. TheOriginalMrMoose

    You seem to know your stuff, but I don’t follow you. All of a sudden you
    spoke of a “yoke” what is that? Where did it come from; how did it come
    into the picture? I wish I could do what you are doing, but I would first
    have to understand what you are doing, wouldn’t I? I enjoyed watching the
    process you went through, however.

  12. Sandrine Anterrion

    Nice one

  13. I am super impressed with the way you’re just modifying the pattern on the

  14. good morning, i nedd video how to sew a mas shirt collar for use with tie..

  15. no good..

  16. Des Swags Curtain Maker

    Your welcome Don.

  17. very cool

  18. TheOriginalMrMoose

    So, you want a más shirt as opposed to a menos shirt? huh? You speakin’

  19. Never trust a seamstress or tailor without glasses and the strong holding
    them! All the food ones wear them!

  20. hyden alabaster sforza

    great, now can you show how to make a shirt that’s not thought for a
    nigerian warlord? thanks

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