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How To Roll Up Shirt Sleeves – 3 Ways To Fold Mens Dress Shirt Sleeve – Male Style Advice

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  1. Cailou Betancourt

    You just earned yourself a subscriber! Thanks. 

  2. I’m turning 20 in January and I’ve decided it’s time to start dressing like
    a man. Well, occasionally, at least. Cool channel, I subscribed.

  3. Really help full man thankyou :)

  4. Please make tutorial on how to get dressed, ive been in bed forever, i cant
    find a tutorial about it. :S

  5. Ive been watching your videos on suits, very informative and well spoken.

  6. Thanks! I subbed.

  7. Piotr Wojciechowski

    The second way is great! I’ve been always doing the first one, but I was
    hating it – I love having sleeves at the elbow level, not lower and not
    higher. I had to twist them to not go down, but that saved them from not
    falling for literally 5 minutes.
    Thanks a lot!

  8. AIFA is basically the basic but rolled twice?

  9. Over a million views, awesome!

  10. Ah so thats how you do a master roll! Thank You!

  11. Love the videos! About to turn 16 soon, and realized I can’t continue
    wearing t-shirts & gym shoes everyday. One quick question: which roll do
    you think fits best when wearing a sweater on top? Thanks, and keep up the
    good work!

  12. Hallo-Americans when you start buying slim fit fashion shirts, where the
    sleeves don’t hang down like a bed sheet??? 

  13. Antonio, so happy I found your website and youtube channel :) great tips,
    great content and amazing value. More than happy to subscribe!

  14. Now you should teach women how to prefer mean who dress well and act well
    and not go for the slops and retards that will get them beat up. Great

  15. Your channel is really helpful keep up the good work

  16. Hey Antonio, really like your videos it would be great to get some tips for
    the big fellas. Sometimes we can barely find our sizes. Any tips? 

  17. Hey thanks!

    What about pants with tucked in shirts? Does normal blue jeans work? Brown
    belt, brown shoes, blue jeans and a tucked in shirt I mean

  18. Nice. 

  19. You make this look so easy! I’m trying to copy this as I watch and I feel
    like physically challenged! Lol

  20. What do with the cuff when it’s rolled up? I have bigger forearms and
    biceps so it’s constraining to re button them. (I wanna show the secondary
    color of the cuffs)

  21. Hello Antonio,
    your video’s are pretty decent,good going mate.

  22. lol serious talk about rolling sleeves no disrespect

  23. Can you make a video on Casual’s? Preferably the one’s with collars?

  24. I’m 13, and I find this useful. 

  25. Baron von Cheesecake

    I thought this video was going to be pretty silly, but it turned out to be
    surprisingly informative for such a basic concept. I guess proper roll-up
    technique is yet another step in the adventure of being a stylin dude.

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