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DIY: Cut And Sew Side Slit Hoodie (Theratedcompany)

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  1. You are so freaking cute! And you got mad design skills =)

  2. would’ve looked better if there were zippers on the slits

  3. Jacek Miecznikowski

    dope ass video brah big shout out 2 u my wigga

  4. AlwaysFreshApparel

    Lmao I just saw your tags

  5. I automatically thought of +KickGenius when the video started lol, but sick

  6. Great video. Thanks

  7. where did u say u got the original hoodie from ?

  8. I actually have the original hoodie from them..#videohint. Nice man!

  9. Hoodie rocks, all the way dude.

  10. designerclothes21

    That hoodie is so clean man!

  11. OMG I love you thank goodness I’m not the only guy who thinks sewing is

  12. Dope tutorial, gonna try this myself but I’m confused at the side slit part
    when you sew all the way the slit where do u sew at the cut part end part
    so it doesn’t split any further idk if it makes sense.

  13. You are an awesome inspiration, lol. I sew and love it. My husband will be
    encouraged by this video as he wishes he could sew but thinks it’s a female
    “thing”. Thanks.

  14. Kinda reminds me of some items from the Demobaza line

  15. This is cool! Gotta try this! New Subbie! 

  16. what sewing machine are you using?

  17. Clean AF homie !

  18. The name of song?

  19. i dont really get it he pinnend the sleeves and the sew it but how then
    there is no way to stick ur arms out right lol

  20. Dope tutorial bro! Good vid

  21. I have a question. Do you cut the sides directly into the original sewing
    or cut it left-right from it?

  22. aint got sew machine, is it possible to hand sew?

  23. Abdul Rashid Tejan

    Dude that looks really dope! I wish I could send my shirt too you to do

  24. gotta try this out! great diy vid jacob

  25. where did you get the hoodie you were wearing?? its nice 

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