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  1. A size up would’ve served you well with the trench. You can see the
    shoulders pulling a bit. A lot of guy in the pursuit to buy fitted clothing
    often go too small, especially with coats. Get your shoulders right, and
    everything else can be fixed. Esp trenches, they have that belt so no need
    to worry about excess around your mid section.

  2. Never button up the last button on the peacoat … surely you must know

  3. Pop that collar :/ you are fucking 40 stop poppin the collar, it’s pretty

  4. Lol sorry mate £450 for a trench coat. Youve lost the plot. No offence. But
    I cannot lie that trench coat that one is super cool. I just dont have that
    money to spend. Wish it went cheaper. The most I would spend probably be
    £140. Cmon it cant cost £450 to get girls to like you. Wrong idea. 

  5. I got one of those higher end Burberry coats about a year and a half back.
    Paid about $900 USD for it. Haven’t regretted it, though. It’s warm, keeps
    me completely dry and works with a lot of outfits. 

  6. hi bro nice coat but i would have gone up a sizeor two. in a couple of
    years u might fill out a bit with age. and that coat is meant to last and
    last. it happened to me. nice vid. in brighton i caught a guy doing day
    game i approached him and we had a good exchange of stories

  7. loving your tone of voice, keeping it real

  8. I have one that looks like its from watch dogs

  9. @urbanistgame Can you list the brands of the coats here in the order of
    appearance please?

  10. they say never judge the book by its cover, I SAY THAT’S A LIE ! YOUR
    you don’t have to buy a designers perfume, believe me, there are some no
    designers perfume that smell very nice. I won’t tell you the one I use,
    women and guys love it, it cost me £9.00 if you really wanna know inbox me
    I guarantee you, you’ll buy more of them( I currently have 8 bottles at
    home one in my car)

  11. Do you still post your daygame pickup videos? where can I watch them?

  12. Md. Saadat Hossain

    can some one tell me where i get third and last one pls? i am searching but
    i do not

  13. Wise words! I like that Zara grey jacket

  14. Wish it was cold enough to wear stylish coats here 😉

  15. Sorry to say Burberry trench coat looks better than that.

  16. Hey m8, while we are on the topic of great lifetime investment, HOW ABOUT
    AN HD CAMERA? damn.

  17. Will you start doing more infield already instead of all this BS? lol. Or
    atleast comment on why you don’t do infield anymore.

  18. Pick a look and do it well.

  19. and stop grabbing your crutches

  20. Md. Saadat Hossain

    third and last one nice,can some one tell me how can i get that ?

  21. Please tell me what is the exact name of the cloth on your trench coat?

  22. Hi pal, u look great in those, how tall are u, I am 5’8 wondering if those
    pea coats look good on me ??

  23. John Cooper - Social Heartist

    Yes but not girls taller than you manoffriendship


  25. Hey mate, I’m 6ft exactly

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