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Men’s Style and Fashion Advice: Summer Accessories for Men

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  1. I need fashion advice for short people. I never cared so much for style but
    feel the need for some change. I’m 5’4″ male btw. Love your videos!

  2. nice cat and mideastern really how to know he is from middle east

  3. Please Aaron can you do a video about matching watches with suits, casual
    clothe and etc.. Thanks. Your fan Alvaro 

  4. Aaron or alpha m. or whatever you prefer to called i don’t care what others
    say about you, you are a incredible human-being that has an impeccable
    fashion sense. Keep doing what you have been doing for years and post the
    most helpful videos you do best. Thank you 

  5. what a horrible accessory!!!

  6. That cat

  7. what is your hairstyle in this video can u show the tutorial about this

  8. Like your cat :D

  9. Rodolfo Cortinas Mendez

    do i believe that you’re an alpha male? no. gay? possibly. personality?
    somewhat annoying. looks? you should get naked more and speak less. ps love
    the scarf

  10. altadata cosmology

    that cat tho … :)) 

  11. u gay

  12. You are the coolest male blogger in youtube! Do not worry about people
    calling you gay! I honestly think that they just want to piss you off! Keep
    making awesome videos paisa! 

  13. I really do thank you for all your advice. You are truly an inspiration to
    a guy like me.

  14. non gay man accessories (scarf). yea right a fucking GAY

  15. really you arent cool

  16. you soo gaii 

  17. He’s right. Look around and you will see that most men wear all shades of
    gray, all shades of blue, black and sometimes white. Whenever you wear a
    different color, you will get compliments because you will stand out.

  18. _JustJosi Acevedo

    i will never ever ever try pink. i love all colors except pink.

  19. Is having a can a masculine thing? If its for girls you better go with a

  20. Jesus this is terrible; your sense of style is cheap and tacky

  21. too funny dude.

  22. HAHAHA i have never slept with a middle eastern women

  23. hey Aaron i just happen to find this video ans its almost summer of 2011,
    do scarves are “still in”? i loke them but nver had the guts to wear one

  24. LMAO……. keep it up mate

  25. This comment will most likely go unnoticed, nonetheless, I want to thank
    you Marino. I went to see Star Trek today (excellent movie) and I was
    boldly and confidently wore my scarf. The theater was full. There were a
    dozens dudes wearing Tshirts but only I went beyond the T

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