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Learn how to screenprint your own t-shirts

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  1. CatspitProductions

    You can accomplish much more with a few extra items. A good screen only
    costs about $22 and it will be a miracle of a difference. Maybe I have to
    do a DIY home brew video 😉 

  2. Did anybody else realize one of them is the CEO of Makerbot(The first
    desktop 3D printer company). But this video was made before he started that


  4. I’ll do it to my UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!

  5. Did you seriously just wash that down the drain? Poor fish. You’re the
    worst hipster ever.

  6. Rythmistik Lucidity

    how much did it cost you for that screen printer?

  7. Mark Gold why does their always have to be someone to bitch about something
    even when their is no foul. Im sure your car is messing up the ozone more
    than their little bit of stuff going down the drain and through the sand
    and filters before it ever reaches the fish. Do you say poor fish every
    time you shit??

  8. good thing the shirt fits

  9. Like DiResta did

  10. awesome stuff, does it last on wash ? :)

  11. free earl 

  12. Tex-Tryk Aalborg A/S

    Er de drenge ikke bare dejlige når de står og fifler med deres silketryk
    #silketryk #srigrafi 

  13. Can you say makerbot anyone LOL

  14. lmfao the ending

  15. u r crazy guyz

  16. While you were printing you artwork to transparency, what what type of
    materiel have you used?

  17. close your eyes watching this….one of them sounds like Napoleon Dynamite

  18. this was actually easier than those professional people who take 2 hours to
    say “apply the photo emulsion.” 

  19. nice vl-1 intro music

  20. So how long should I leave it under the sun?

  21. I’m starting to screenprint but not sure what type of vacuum and roller
    skate to use to weigh down the wood, any suggestions?

  22. Thanks. Really straight forward info.

  23. funny shit! thanks guys 😉 rock on

  24. So this is what Bre Pettis was doing before he became a gajillionaire
    selling 3D Printers…

  25. loooooooved it

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