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BEST Smartphone of 2014 – Absolute Best Smartphone of the Year


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  Related Products: [wpramazon asin=”B00J5B40QU” keyword=”smartphone review 2014″] [wpramazon asin=”B00RXI6K6U” keyword=”smartphone review 2014″]

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  1. Just Updated this Video Here: Best Smartphone for 2014 & 2015 – Buying Guide

  2. Another “best of 2014″ released in July???? You’d look like a fool if
    someone releases a phone to smash this in December… :P

  3. Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else’s.

  4. “once you use a phone that has a large display, you cannot go back”

    Completely false. I used to have a Galaxy Note 3, and it was just too big
    and cumbersome to carry around every day without having to wear a big
    jacket to put it in. So I eventually went back to my Galaxy S2, and I am
    much happier.

  5. iPhone 6 not /never will be on my list terrible performance and bends and
    break and too overpriced. 5S is much better

  6. I love my Xperia z3 I take video under water ya boy

  7. I'm not a youtuber

    Apparently this motherfuking hasn’t heard of an “Iphone” andriod is a cheap
    laggy piece of shit

  8. I love The HTC one M8. Dad has one and im getting one for my birthday and
    also highly reccomend the samsung galaxy ace (what I have now) as android i
    find is easy to use and good apps, good memory, screen, and battery life
    for the price and , I find with apple they improve very little, change the
    look and add a larger cost and people go mad for it, never owned one myself
    apart from the 1st one when it came out and was really impressed with the
    touchscreen, but now other phones for less money can be equally as good,
    but other people may just prefer ios or other features about apple.

  9. This video was a complete waste of my time. Spend 3 minutes describing a
    phone most of us will never get our hands on and then spent a minute
    talking about relevant phones 

  10. Ok so the nexus 5 was NOT released in a past ”few” months lol xD it was
    like 10 months ago. But it is still a pretty good phone :P

  11. s5 is better than m8, I have had both. The m8 is basically just a
    downgraded version of the s5 not including the speakers.

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  13. The front cam on One + One is the same as my HTC One vx Back Camera -.-

  14. I think that he’s kidding because one plus one is shit. 1 is design, looks
    very cheap. 2 is display. If compare with other phone the picture not real
    color. 3 is camera. Also like the display give not real color. Yellow is
    too much yellow with little dark color. Red and almost all color not give
    the true results. Video records is also not good. Focus is doesn’t work
    when recording video. 4 is battery live. Even use the big capacity the
    program architecture is not good. Battery live of Samsung s5 and HTC one m8
    is much longer then one plus one. It’s around 2-3 hours longer. If not
    trust me just try it. Only one advantage is price. That’s all. Guys it’s
    exactly not best phone. 

  15. Everybody watching at this comment.. I want you to give me the best phone
    that costs less than 500 $ . Any suggestion? I am going to buy the
    best-designed one. Thank you in advance !

  16. any one plz give me invitation for buy the one plus one mobile

  17. How can you give a true comparison based on specs only! There is no
    mention of warranty or customer service or bench marks. This why so many
    people buy name brand products and not these generic BS products. The one
    plus one maybe a great product for the price, but if something breaks right
    out of the box you’ll be buy something else real quick. Therefore this can
    not be absolute! P.S. Apple has the best customer service. However, I
    really like my new LG G3!

  18. I’m pretty sure the Oneplus One has a 1440p screen.

  19. Excellent review – thank you! Never heard of the oneplus one until I saw
    your video. I’ve ordered one now though as it looks like it really is the
    phone to own. Thank you for your impartial advice – always the best advice.

  20. what a joke of 2014

  21. What is the difference between all bullshit
    you know what … i see the whole these mobile phones is similar to each
    other – so whiting me while i squeezes my fucking minds
    I have great ideas and new thoughts to invent and coming soon
    I will change people,s view of the world of phones 

  22. Its great relative to its cost. If it cost 600 it would be with all the
    others. I have the One plus Note 4 an just got the Lg G3. Really surprising
    that im leaning toward the Lg as the best smartphone. The note stands in a
    different league with the Spen

  23. 5.5 inches ? and i thought 4.7 was too big iphone 6 plus is 6.3 inches.
    Seriously what pocket will fit that? seriously I do not want to have to
    carry my phone in a damn backpack 4 inches was fine. Course some idiots
    like to watch movies on their phones all cross eyed

  24. Fuck off mother fucker, your competition is terrible. What about Sony
    xperia z3. I think Sony is the best. I had apple, I has sumsong. But the
    Sony was better than them. 

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