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Best Smartphone 2014: Spring Top 10 (February 2014)

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  1. If you use iphone kill yourself

  2. 1. iPhone 5S 2. Sony Z3 Compact 3. HTC One M8………86. Samsung galaxy S5

  3. What’s the best mobile out there right now? Here’s our top 10 list.

  4. Why would you want to remove the s pen from galaxy note 3 the only reason
    anyone ever gets a note is for its smart s pen features if you don’t like
    the s pen and size get a galaxy

  5. Are u kidding me the Sony Xperia better than iphone 5 and galaxy note 3
    !?!? Go to the doctor man I can’t believe that

    PHONE U TWIT, iphone 5s geekbech is 1415 , none even get close to it,

  7. What we need is samsung teaming up with apple. iPhone 6 is nice but to
    thin. iPhone 5s + samsung galaxy 5 would be a phone I would buy

  8. If your a gamer is Xperia Z3 a good phone to have? Read and see in an ad it
    have a PS4 remote play…

  9. iPhone is like your corrupt politician they rob you but you don’t know it.

  10. Samsung Galaxy S5,HTC One M8, which is better? 

  11. randomguy randomname

    @UpbeatGaming Nokia Lumia 1520, 3400 mAh (huge) battery, your startscreen
    will tell you exactly what you want it to (you also have a notification
    center) and you have a really good 20.7 MP camera, other phones with 20.7
    MP haven’t beat the Nokia’s.

  12. For me, the best smartphone for 2014 is iPhone 5s. It’s truly awesome!

  13. Xperia Z Ultra is cheap large as fuck sorry for language but :O very
    owerful all for under $400 on kogan.

  14. i completely disagree with spot 6 its a good phone or i should say was in
    2009 i hate apple they cheap out not even a 720 p display and only apple
    phone shatter in spider webs when you drop em and no nfc shitty camera
    options bad specs only 1 GB of ram over priced all you are buying is the
    brand or if you are dumb and dont know how to use android and intuitive ui?
    heck no its a simple shit that a 4 year old can draw dont make the mistake
    by getting sucked into the endless black hole of apple go android or
    windows phone 8 so much better 

  15. FunForAllTheFamily10

    Whoever decided it was a good idea to release this crap should have likely
    been shot. Same with mobile phones and the Internet. All banned. 

  16. I fucking love my iPhone

  17. android is better for gameplay and app but people who love small screen
    and good sms will take iphone
    ANDROID RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. randomguy randomname

    @JasmineKing if I would get one it would be because of the size, not the
    S-pen, I just like my phones big.

  19. 9- note 3 ?????????

  20. htc one is a good mobile phone,but it seems increasingly out of its depth

  21. xXEnlightenedGamerXx

    When clicked this video I was looking for a new phone because I didn’t
    really like my HTC ONE but I was surprised when it was number 1 so and what
    was shocking was other phone even the HTC ONE m8 were made after everything
    else so I guess I’m keeping my phone


  22. Z1 Z2 Z3 is the best…sony 1946

  23. I like iphone but had iPhones for a few years boring now when I do get a
    upgrade wondering what the next best phone to get on the market 

  24. what is the most useful phone this is what i am looking for in a phone

    1. long battery

    2. remind me of stuff i need to do

    3.good quality camera

    and thats mostly it i dont care how much it is just want a useful phone

  25. lol the htc heats up like crazy, don’t it ? Just like everyone expected.

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