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The Best 2014 Smartphones?


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  Related Products:   [wpramazon asin=”B00IRR26PU” keyword=”smartphone review 2014″]

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  1. Spent days and days working on this one, what do you guys think? =D

  2. iphone is a rubbish american tech.

    You americans overrate every rubbish you have
    xboxone sucks compared to ps4
    iphone sucks compared to the lowest android phone
    Your rubbish sport football sucks compared to the real football the world
    Your country sucks compared to middle east contries even Russia is better
    country than america

    Overrated people only knows how to kill people for oil
    Enjoy your time cause it’s not gonna last forever bitches

  3. Man your voice is fucking annoying. 

  4. Why does everyone compare the s5 to the m8 with google play? OF COURSE
    STOCK ANDROID IS FASTER. That has nothing to do with the specs of the

  5. performance htc one? camera iphone 5s? dude are you fucking crazy or what?
    iphone5shit have a bad camera,and btw s5 have better performance that the
    htc one m8.

  6. Am I the only one who call the HTC One M8 the “HTC One mate”

  7. the htc one m8 is the best phone ive ever used. if you have the money and
    you are looking for a good smartphone, i recommend you go and get the htc
    one m8, its amazing

  8. This guy does not know what he’s talking about where’s the LG G3 the I
    phone 6 has nothing on the G3 I phone sucks that’s just my opinion the G3
    should be top 3 hands down

  9. Who the hell makes a top smart phone 2014 video half way through the year?
    Like cmon don’t you think that other smart phones are gonna be released

  10. Why does he talk like he has those one wipe Charlie’s shoved up his ass¿

  11. lennox285679 | offline

    they tingle, in a good way XD XD XD

  12. You should’ve waited making this till iPhone 6. I would say that it would
    be a better comparison than with iPhone 5s.

  13. not fair that the M8 was the google play edition. All those phones except
    for the iphone can be a google play edition 

  14. Im planing to buy a new smartphone but im a little uncertain on which one
    since im not very knowledgeable on the high-tech stuff. So i ask you from
    these 3 phones which one would you recommend and why. also im not that into
    pictures but rather performance and storage for videos and games.
    By the way great video.

  15. FoxPlays GamesAndStuff

    Iphone 5c anyone? <3

  16. And the z2 ??? :( this phone is perfect

  17. -Macbook Air running Yosemite
    -Samsung Galaxy s3 (rooted) (upgrade available)
    OSX is wonderful, it’s fast and easy to use. As well as intricate and
    useful. iOS on the other hand is beautiful… Thats it. Android wins the
    smartphone game because of the nearly endless capabilities of the Android
    OS. Apple needs to put new aspects of functionality into IOS. If the next
    iPhone has an OS that functions like OSX on Mac, apple wins. Apple needs to
    take OSX and tweak it to the right specs and put it into an iPhone. Right
    now, android is just better than iOS. But if Apple begins to put some of
    their money into innovative technology, they could easily control the
    smartphone market.

  18. why yo no wait for end of year to do video?

  19. the iphone 5s doesn’t win in the camera department. It is impossible.

  20. oh great, i searched “best phones 2014″ and the first video that pops up is
    a freakin’ nerd.

  21. Favorite Smartphones of 2014
    1. iPhone 6 plus
    2. LG G3
    3. HTC One M8 G.P. Edition
    4. Galaxy Note 4
    5. Galaxy S5

  22. IPHONE SUCKS!! Im getting me a HTC ONE M8

  23. Calipha Callender

    There’s one feature on the iPhone 6 that not even the Note 4, the king of
    Phablets has:

    Bend Technology!

  24. Switch the iPhone for an Xperia Z3 and I’ll be happy

  25. Claudia Lizeth Gardea

    I also agree with the HTC M8!

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