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Curved TVs: Explained!


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  1. New MKBHD Video is live! Remember those curved TVs at CES? Let’s find out
    if they’re legit.

    *Curved TVs: Explained!*

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  2. I’m not what you would generally call a “conspiracy theorist”. However
    looking back 10 years or so, I can’t help but notice that the TV
    manufacturers (and the government) forced HDTV down out throats.

    I used to sell TV’s (a long time ago), while working my way through
    college. Made a ton of money doing it too, I used to work at one of those
    super centers that sold electronics. I would work just on the weekends and
    a few nights per week and the full timers hated it because I would make
    more than they were and do it in under 20 hours a week.

    So let’s jump in our way back machine to about 2005-2006. The Federal
    Government says “hey lets switch to HD” and then proceed to roll out their
    half ass program and force everyone to scramble and either buy a new TV or
    get some stupid HDTV adaptor.

    The problem as I see it at least, was that no-one really needed a new TV.
    You may have wanted a new TV but for the most part everyone had a couple
    TV’s in the house and they were all working just fine. I for one had a Sony
    61″ that was 4-5 years old but working great, plus I also had a couple of
    really nice smaller tube televisions that even though they were several
    years old were plainly just bulletproof.

    So 2006 rolls around, TV sales are pretty crappy so the government goes out
    and says “hey let’s screw with people just for the fun of it”. They roll
    out a technology that really was not ready for prime time, one that few
    people really wanted and generally one that most people really did not need
    the expense required to be complaint. And not only all that but through the
    switch from analog to digital how many TV stations were actually ready to
    go live and start broadcasting in digital much less high definition. Most
    of us with some experience in the industry can clearly remember there were
    a ton of broadcasters who just were not ready for the transition and pretty
    much made a mockery of it.

    Comcast cable which I subscribe to took several years to get their stuff in
    order and and remember the days of not needing to rent a cable box for
    every tv? Well that also went away .

    So like everyone else, I run out spent ridiculous money on two new tv’s and
    for what? One of those new flat screens dies within 4 years. First they
    start out by losing a pixel or two then you get some lines and finally the
    backlighting gives out. Pretty much everyone who has a non LED flat screen
    is heading towards the recycling center and much sooner than you would be
    if you had kept that old bulletproof tank tube TV you used to have (once
    your fluorescent tubes that provide the backlight gives out).

    My biggest complaint?

    So part of the reason that we went to digital HDTV was for the better
    widescreen experience, right? So why is it that on my high end LED flat
    screen I still get those damn black bars at the top and bottom of the
    screen? (letterboxing) You see they said hey, we’re going to go to this
    great new format (16.9) it’s going to be wonderful and you will experience
    TV just like in a movie theatre. Then what happened? whoola! they pulled
    the rug out and once again moved the goal post a few yards down.

    This is nothing more than some marketing BS to get you to go out and
    replace or upgrade. Every time that the market gets saturated they move
    that goal post so that you feel the need to shell out some cash on
    something you really don’t need. 

  3. Does anybody else think that mounting a curved TV on a wall could be a

  4. too bad u cant play in 4k with console.

  5. Has 4K TV
    Uses it on a PS4. lolwut

  6. Why can’t they make an 8K TV if they can fit 2K in smartphones ?

  7. Unless the camera of a movie isn’t curved and isn’t taking the picture the
    way it’s ment to be shown on a curved tv, your only “benefit” will be a
    slightly distorted picture stretched out around you a little. Simple logic,

  8. they curve the TV’s to make them seem like movie theater screens. But the
    only reason movie theater screens are curved is to counteract the
    distortion you get when projecting an image over a large distance. It is
    just another pointless fad that will die out in a couple years like 3D tv’s

  9. along with 3d, curved tvs are the current gimmick, u have to watch the tv
    straight on or the picture distorts, so unless u live on ur own & can
    choose the sweet spot, other members of the family will have to watch it
    from an angle & from various distances, thats the reality of the set up in
    most ppls homes

  10. HUKISOME REVIEW but personally, I don’t care for a curved TV and yes, I
    have been in front of one and it does distort. I am not buying into the
    whole immersion idea but it’s more of a preference and a flat screen can be
    viewed any angle unlike a curved TV.

    1. The curve exaggerates reflections
    2. The curve limits viewing angles
    3. You need to be in the sweetspot to get most benefits
    4. Curved screens need to be big
    5. Curved screens make awkward wall flowers
    6. They’re more expensive

    Great review, I watch all your videos, your awesome :)

  11. I got a 75 in. Samsung Curved 4k tv it is probably the coolest thing ever

  12. Had mine four days the 4k display is awesome but I’m not blown away by the
    upscaling tbh It seems different for different channels but the tv looks
    amazing I got the samsung curved 65 inch

  13. MKBHD I am very curious. How are you able to obtain all this latest tech?
    They give it away to you to review? If so then how can we be able to do
    this? I know a lot about tech.

  14. I recently watched the 70 inch curved tv for about 30 minutes and it was
    good, really good, but when I went and sat down to watch the flat screen
    again, it was weird in a bad way I was really aware that the tv had very
    little depth and I noticed it was easier on my eyes to watch the Curved TV
    . I think their is more to the curved tv than I had thought , which means
    I may break down and get one of the 70 inch screens as this is something
    you go big with. At $5000 grand I can pull the trigger but at 8 grand I
    feel like I am being punished for believing in the this product. 

  15. BORDERLANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love
    you even more now

  16. Seems to me that, with a much narrower ‘sweet spot’, curved TV’s will
    appeal mostly to single people. Families spread around a living room will
    have varying and weird viewing experiences. For this reason, I think this
    ‘innovation’ will fade away too, like 3d. We won’t be getting one. And
    this is saying nothing about the upcharge! 4k resolution, sure!.. but
    curved?… nah. Gonna put some strain on Samsung too because they have bet
    the whole company on curved displays. Eeek! For their sake, I better be

  17. Yea man, I’ve seen a Samsung 55″ UHD CURVED 3D tv in a shop when i went
    with my brother to pick his tv up, whilst he was looking around, that
    beautiful Samsung curved 3d 4k panel caught my eye and im not even going to
    lie, i spent like 10 minutes just staring at it because i got so emersed in
    to it…beautiful colours and it just took my breath away lol and went back
    home and looked at my Samsung 46″ LED tv and thought… Crap lol 

  18. Fernando Scheps Serra

    For my point of view unless you are a solitary person, which would look at
    your TV alone or with a couple (not more people) then it would be ok to buy
    a curved TV. But as soon as you have more people around the TV, the ones
    that are sitting on the sides, they will be completely missing the

  19. People keep talking about distortion. There should be less distortion
    because all pixels (assuming you are sitting near the middle) are the same
    distance to your eye/s as apposed to a flat screen. I went to Bestbuy
    “knowing” that curved TVs were a gimmick and I left a believer. It
    definitely looks more natural and Marques is right about flat screens
    feeling weird after.

  20. Matthew L. Saunders

    In the future we will probably have TV Contact Lenses for the most FULL
    immersion imaginable… O.o

  21. I have watched A LOT of tech videos. From fit bits to iphone. To TV’s to OG
    NES system. This guy, in my opinion, is the very best. Why? He doesn’t have
    lame nerdy tech jokes. 2. He knows what he’s talking about. 3. He doesn’t
    appear to be bias. 4. He’s is not a complete tech geek that I just can’t
    listen to for more than 3 seconds. Kudos man

  22. I think this curved TV thing is a gimmick and will look ridiculous in
    future say if people move to something else, while you still have that
    curved tv mounted on your wall.

  23. On a very different note, what do you think of the new LG HBS-900 infinim? 

  24. As I said to another guy:

    Don’t be so easily decieved…
    First of – yea, they kind of always had the ability to. Remember how our
    old TV screens used to bend out just a tiny bit?
    Who is to say that they could not just make the curve go in? Because it
    would then go into the boxhouse of the screen – leaving people to cuddle
    closer to all be able to see properly… and that’s the issue with Curved
    TV’s. It’s great for one person, at optimal range.

    But even so, for an “immersion”-trick, it has pros and cons.
    And the biggest con is simply that movies are not filmed for curved TV’s.
    If you line up som chairs in the TV, you will se the middle one as the
    largest one because it’s “closer”. And the rest looks smaller the further
    down the line they are.
    But with a curved TV, that effect is, atleast supposed to, be canceled out
    – maknig the chairs look more equal in size, because the curve makes the
    chairs at the edges appear closer.
    Now, what gives more immersion? The line of chairs that looks like they are
    in a line.
    Or the line of chair that surrounds you and feel more like a circle?
    Movie makers have developed their cameras and methods to create the optimal
    illusions with the regular TV in mind.
    Effects like the “fish-eye” effect is counteracted, and might make a scene
    look wierd – imagine you distort the image first with the added effect, and
    then it gets distorted again because of the edges… :S

    Also, get more people togheter, and the people at the edges will get
    distorted images like fuck, unless you REALLY have a hometheater with lines
    of seats! XD

  25. I install at least 5 or 6 of these a week, off angle reflection is
    ABSOLUTELY a MAJOR problem. I see it daily. I am forced to explain it
    daily. If I could get the sales guys to stop selling these I certainly
    would. Every TV now that is decent will be reflective (anti-glare mat will
    sacrifice some of the vibrant coloring and sharpness so I put those in a
    different category: necessity). The difference with the curve is that
    along the 168 degree field of view there are many positions that won’t
    simply pick up the off-angle reflection of a normal flat screen, but you
    will get a secondary reflection or a reflection that seems to float off the
    screen and obstruct that actual image when light gets trapped in the curve.
    I don’t like the poor usage of the term “immersive” in this video.
    Coloring would have nothing to do with immersion. Immersion is a
    psychological experience meaning free from distraction (you forget you are
    watching TV and are just enjoying the experience) and the only thing that
    will break immersion would be something that distracts you from your
    viewing and makes you consider another element, like glare. You COULD use
    it to refer to color as in “I can’t focus on this football game because the
    grass is neon green and distracting me” but you can’t just say “better
    color leads to a more immersive experience.” If the TV you just upgraded
    from didn’t lead you to complain about color every time you watched it, you
    were already in an immersive viewing experience with your old tube set.
    Immersive has just become a sales tool for poor sales people who can’t
    offer tangible examples of benefits and simply fall back on “a more
    immersive experience” but in truth…if someone has been reading this
    massive post I just made and hasn’t stopped while reading to think about
    the picture quality of the device being used right now, you are as immersed
    as you can get. I just read the Forbes article on the 6 reasons you should
    and 6 reasons you shouldn’t get a flat TV, and sure enough, the reasons you
    should are fabricated – and sadly parroted by the sales people I listen to.
    The fact that they try to talk about the SHAPE of your eyeball having
    anything to do with the peripheral element of the TV is sickening…that’s
    not from a scientist, that’s from a Samsung marketing specialist. (Not
    that you can trust the “scientists/engineers” over at Samsung – they don’t
    even understand that by recessing the threading on the mounting holes on
    the TV makes it incompatible with nearly every mounting bracket out there –
    I have to perform surgery on included spacers on every single Samsung
    [non-plasma] TV…even the 26″ TV has recessed threads. Since this turned
    into a Samsung bitch fest I’ll also complain about how they love to seal
    the plastic scratch guard INTO the frame of the TV which has led to a few
    cosmetic exchanges taking place when people damage the TV trying to use
    blades or flat-head screwdrivers to pry off the plastic that gets stuck
    inside the TV frame.) That said…Samsung still makes the best 4K TVs, so
    even though I hate them from an installation perspective I’d still
    recommend getting a Samsung non-flat over anything other than a plasma. My
    REAL advice however is don’t buy 4K. Television has NEVER been a market
    that rewards the early adopters – they pay a MAJOR premium for products
    that glitch or fail at tasks – don’t PAY to be a beta-tester. The first
    and second year ED/HDTVs were wretched compared to the 3rd year and beyond,
    the first and second year Plasma were awful compared to the third year and
    beyond, same for LED, LCD, OLED….if you are wealthy enough that you’d buy
    another TV in 3 years then jump on in on the 4K….but if you want to keep
    your TV for 10-12 years depending on the life of your power supply (I
    repair and install) give them 1 or even 2 more years and the price will
    have bottomed out, the bugs will have been worked out (yeah, lots of
    bugs….SONY), content will be readily available without buying 4K media
    boxes to get a few nice 4k movies or watching whatever Netflix steers you
    towards, and there will be a vast influx of new features we haven’t thought
    of yet. Rant over.

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