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Plasma Vs LCD Vs LED Which TV should I buy?


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  Related Products:   [wpramazon asin=”B0029ZDRSQ” keyword=”LED & LCD TV”]

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  1. You hear that, you get better use of your sink if you use metal tubing
    instead of plastic tubing! : )

  2. Get good cables? Now I know this guys is just wanting to sell some shit for
    to much money.

  3. This man is one of the best salesmen iv ever listened to in my life 10 out
    of 10

  4. Anyone who actually does some research will agree that plasma was the best
    option, especially from Panasonic.

  5. Cables cables seriously. How many times will stores try to upsell cables.
    Digital is digital it either gets a signal or it doent theres no inbetween.
    A £2 hdmi will give and identical image and sound quality as a £150 cable.
    You can see tests of this on sites like cnet and a few others just do a
    google search. DONT BE RIPPED OFF BY CABLES.

  6. I have used plasma TV for gaming, it never really had any burn in issue. I
    think plasma TVs today are safe from bigger burn ins. Also they have
    beautiful picture. The plasma TV I use is only HD ready and about 45 inches
    (or like 110 cm roughly) and when you play an HD movie on it you can’t see
    any pixels, only a sharp and clear and colorful image. The only con maybe I
    can say is that when the image is really bright it has a strange quiet
    noise, but it’s not that noticeable.

  7. I am going to risk a plasma simply for gaming, I hear they have next to no
    ms ( input lag) was going to upgrade my lcd to an led, but what is the
    point if they are both the same. 

  8. I play a lot of games so of course my tv got a lot of burn ins and i watch
    a lot of movie too so which should i get LED or plasma? The most I’m
    concern is the burn ins and the quality of the colors…need that beautiful


    Bravo man good explanation

  10. It BS about the cable any good cable will do from the cheapest .

  11. Thanks for the advice. :)

  12. Cnet and Consumer reports state cheap cables do just as well as expensive
    gold ones

  13. LED best for Blu-ray and games. Plasma sucks balls.

  14. needing expensive cables is the biggest myth out there. Its the biggest
    waste of money there is.

  15. Shut the fuck up abouy burn in with plasmas they dont have this issue
    anymore only when they first came out. Read any tv tech website they all
    say plasma > led 

  16. cutscene from the original ffxiv in the background ftw

  17. i just downgraded from 1080p lcd to top of the range 720p plasma and tested
    them side by side and the plasma was by far superior to the lcd my advice
    to any1 that pays attention to detail colour and sharpness of picture and
    viewing angle you will not beat PLASMA only down side is you need a nice
    dark room.
    but overall plasma technology is still way ahead of lcd/led although they
    are catching up

  18. i have an old crt tv and planned to give it away to my parents with
    converter box and rabbit ears antenna so i get a brand new tv so which
    should i get??? plasma or led lcd???

  19. LOL hdmi cables are all the same

  20. Wich for Xbox gaming?

  21. His math is off

  22. why is plasma not good for gaming

  23. great advice

  24. I want a tv/monitor used for gaming on my pc. I want it to be Full HD, low
    response times and very good picture quality. Also it needs to be quite
    large so i can use it for racing simulators. Would a plasma tv be my best

  25. God! I freakin’ love Irish accents! :D

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