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5 best mirrorless Cameras compared – Mirrorless in NYC Conclusion


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  1. Why didn’t you test the Sony alpha 6000? With it’s APS-C Sensor it would be
    a bit nearer to the other (except the Leica)

  2. I’m in bit of a dilemma though with Fuji. I know the XT-1 is a very capable
    camera especially with it nice viewfinder and soon to be updated firmware
    that will give it even more speed shutter speed wise. But I am waiting for
    the X-Pro II and in there lies the problem. I will be owning soon the
    50-140mm and 56mm lenses for it, but my problem that even though I know the
    XT-1 is a great camera, I just really like the X-Pro1-style rangefinder
    with hybrid viewfinder incorporated. It has a nice size for my hands and I
    like using small lenses with it and if I use longer focal lengths, just
    switch to the EVF.

    My problem is waiting to see what Fuji does with the battery consumption.
    The XT-1 has a battery grip which is very nice to help with extended usage
    especially with the 50-140mm triple linear motors sucking up battery. And
    the X-Pro2 is most likely going to have 1 battery compartment with chances
    being the same NP-W126 battery with slightly better life than before. It’s
    hard to decide whether to get an XT-1 because it has better battery life
    overall or get the X-Pro2 and sacrifice battery life for ergonomics.

  3. Great review Mark! I use the OLY system and am sold on that, but the others
    are also great. The music? Well, just turn the volume down a little maybe –
    it is sort of taking away from the message!

  4. I stopped watching this video at about 3:15 because (1) of that distracting
    music overlay and (2) comparing $1300 Fuji and $7000 Leica which is
    completely worthless.

  5. Sad that you ignored Samsung’s models (nx30, or NX1 if it was out when you
    filmed this).

  6. All the talk about gear is great, but if the sensor color isn’t there, who
    cares? In the film days, gear talk was fine because you could put whatever
    color palate you liked in the camera, from Velvia to Provia to Astia as
    well as Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Agfachrome, etc. Color reproduction is all
    that really matters once you have a decent camera.

  7. Thanks Matt! Very clear and to the point. 

  8. This was so helpful. Thank you, Matt!! 

  9. The music was loud and annoying.. sorry but i must stop this :

  10. Thanks Matt. I have to say that Panasonic GH4 keep tempting me.

  11. by december the x-t1 will get 1/32’000 sec shutter speed :)

  12. Christian Andrew Gray

    Yes, that music overlay is so annoying. What is the point ? Just give us
    the bare bones. No need for music.

  13. All of the best mirrorless in one hand. Couldn’t go wrong with any of them.
    But I’m sticking with my A7r. Or RX1. I just like larger sensor.

  14. I have Nikon SLR gear, but I love my X100s and X-E1, the lenses are great
    and I love the sensor. I am now completely torn between upgrading one of my
    d700s to a D750 or D810, or grabing an X-T1… but I really want the X-Pro2
    and I need the 90mm f2 which I will have to wait for. Maybe I could not
    spend money on gear? Naaaah.

    The m43 is great for casual shooters, light, ultrafast AF, and cracking
    lenses that are quite cheap when compared to the C and N equivalents.
    Casual shooters should have a good look at the E-M10, for wifi, or the E-M5
    for weatherproofing. They lose out to the E-M1 but they are still great
    cameras for the price. I have an old E-P3 with a couple of primes (17mm and
    45mm) that is perfect for parties, kids and family stuff, I would upgrade
    to the E-M10 if I wasn’t looking a buying a new Nikon or Fuji.

  15. I freakin’ love my Sony A7r. The dynamic range is awesome. The lens make it
    just as heavy and bulky as my DSLR.

  16. Personally I went with the Panasonic GX7 although I also considered the XT1
    and EM1. Great series though.

  17. For photography Fuji X-T1 is the winner. Fuji, Sony, Panasonic is the
    future. Leica is the past.

  18. Matt, thanks so much for the time and energy put in this series. I own two
    of the mirrorless systems you reviewed (X-T1 and A7R) and use them along
    side my Canon DSLR. Also had a Zeiss Ikon and a full array of Zeiss ZM
    lenses so I’m always interested to see how Leica stacks up. Currently can’t
    really justify the cost of an M9-P, M 240 or new M body. Also, I think the
    choice of cameras was great. Agree with the previous poster though that a
    A6000 might be interesting to compare. It would have been great to have 2
    M4/3, 2 APS-C and 2 FFs but you definitely picked the best in each class to
    compare. Also, while the FF lenses on the A7R are larger they provide a
    good alternative to the DSLR. Overall I think you did a great job and
    were very even handed. I’ve become a real fan.

  19. Excellent round-up – thank you, Matt!

    I haven’t used any of these (and I’m unlikely to get another camera in the
    foreseeable future, being an amateur and *very* happy with my current one),
    but the Fujis always give me the impression of “photographer’s cameras”.
    There’s something intangibly charming about them (and Fuji’s optics are not
    to be underestimated).

    The Panasonic is the best for video, by far. And the Leica… ugh, seems to
    be the worst “value for money”, the least versatile, the most inconvenient.
    At least they understood the need for IR filtering (took them quite a few

  20. Still no mention of the 55mm f1.8 fe lens in any of those a7r reviews.

  21. slide your mouse in the video time bar . you just see matt waving his hands
    around. lol

  22. will you be doing a review for the entry level or mid-range mirrorless
    cameras. all these were too expensive for me and i quick stopped watching

  23. Matt, enjoy your channel. However, the a7r is not the latest. a6000 is
    certainly newer, as is a7s. And a7 was released at the same time. You
    picked the one which is the most different from others, in its sensor and
    performance. A6000 also has far better AF, and is a much closer
    competitor to the other cameras you tested in weight, size and price
    (except for Leica).
    Fuji, Olympus, sony, panasonic, with fuji and olympus hosting aps-c and the
    other two micro 4/3. these are the real players in mirrorless. I would
    compare similarly priced offerings from the 4. yeah, nikon and canon make
    them two, but not real players. And neither is Leica. 

  24. Great concise summary of the relative merits of the leading mirrorless

  25. Olympus OM-D E-M1 would be my pick. AF and Stabilization is just insane. 

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