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Sony Handycam with projector DCR-PJ6 review & test


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  Related Products:   [wpramazon asin=”B00HUESJJI” keyword=”handycam”]

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  1. Mine has no disk to upload can’t use it throwing it in bin as they won’t
    refund very annoyed saved up for years to buy it, just csnt work it :(

  2. how to connect to a laptop or pc and use the built in projector of dcr pj6
    for powerpoint presentations? i cant understand said demo well.it doesnt
    show how it will use to a power point presentation.hope to hear a kindly
    heart response in regards to this concerns.godbles.

  3. Ekaterina Khramova

    can u put a universal stand for this baby? if so i’m getting it

  4. there is no input mic, right?

  5. i have one unit.from peace Indonesia.

  6. I dont like the quality! Is this full hd!!

  7. Is it HD??

  8. how do u plug it to the computer and project 

  9. do you like to eat?

  10. Please help me. I projected a video on the wall but camera sound is not
    enough I want to add a computer speaker. How can I do that?

  11. Very nice camera, expensive, though

  12. yes,,,,very good !!!

  13. bagus deh 

  14. and next to it is cook book from Slovak Catholic Sokol

  15. Dell0304 (Inactive)

    I wish the SD camcorders that Sony made actually provided GOOD SD video. My
    SX45 was so soft, washed out, and overall crappy video. I’ve seen good
    quality SD cams, and Sony doesn’t make any of them.

  16. YouTube only showed this on my feed for 5 minutes. What a ripoff. Oh well,
    still, good job being detailed in your review.

  17. Indeed it IS a really cool feature. I saw it on the HDR-PJ200 model first,
    where it was _the_ reason why I bought one. I’ve used it quite often to
    screen a video for my mother, brothers, and whoever else might be
    interested. The DCR-PJ5 has a matte finish, and I like it much better than
    the extremely fingerprint prone HDR-PJ200 (which probably shares its finish
    with the DCR-PJ6). The PJ5’s control stick driven menus also keep the
    display free from fingerprints and are slightly less irritating.

  18. Hmm. I think the image quality is pretty OK, though I’m no expert when it
    comes to camcorders with great image quality. I do hear the autofocus
    hardware making quite a bit of noise, the sound isn’t quite as offensive as
    it was on your little Sony Bloggie HD camcorder thing, but it’s still
    audible. Still, I’d prefer this camcorder of the Bloggie HD.

  19. My mother is from Slovakia.

  20. hi, in 13:00, you shoot some books on the shelf, where did you get the book
    “naša kuchárka” I have got the same one, but I am from Slovakia and the
    book is written in Slovak

  21. That built in projector is a really cool feature! I’m surprised how bright
    it is too. Too bad about the glossy, fingerprint magnet finish. A matte
    finish would have been better, although that would wear off over time, and
    look bad. I bet someday when the camera breaks down, you could extract the
    projector components, install a brighter LED, and use it to watch TV! Or
    you could even make one out of an LCD display and an overhead projector!

  22. Dude…that’s for measuring the wind speed

  23. Amongst many other things, I am kind of surprised that Sony bothered with a
    “new” model. Apart from the glossy finish, there doesn’t seem to be much of
    anything that really is “new”. (The DCR-PJ5 has a matte finish.) I find the
    lens shutter to feel cheap, and would have preferred a nice automated
    shutter as on the Canon FS200. Battery life is almost as bad as the
    HDR-PJ200, for which I did opt to buy a larger InfoLithium battery.
    Interestingly, the DCR-PJ5’s projector has that same dark spot!

  24. alistairstuart2009

    you have a very nice house

  25. oh ok…

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