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Sony 4K Handycam (FDR-AX100): Unboxing & Overview


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  Related Products: [wpramazon asin=”B00HNJWWK2″ keyword=”handycam”] [wpramazon asin=”B00BB4UKOK” keyword=”handycam”]

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  1. If its not 1080p yet, YouTube is still processing. Sadly, this video is
    not 4K. And for the record, 4K recording on this channel will probably be
    occasional since my videos are just too long most of the time. 

  2. Do you get editing software with this camera?


  3. IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

    Fantastic video! Sub and Like added. I’m considering upgrading from the
    Canon XA10 to this but does it have a mic input and do you know if the Rode
    VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun Microphone will work with it? Thank you
    so much! By the way, are you still liking this camcorder?

  4. This is an amazing camera. I loved it so much I bought another. I have had
    many cameras over the years and this is my new favorite. I think I will be
    selling my PMW200. The picture quality is jaw dropping on the AX100. The
    screen captures I’ve taken from it look like stills taken with a nice DSLR.

  5. Thanks for the Video I have been wondering – now i am decided.

    I have had 30 years of using and liking Sony kit starting with 8mm tape,
    then SVHS then HD DX mini and it seems now they have done it again!.

  6. Why is anyone bothered about 4k. Sure more fps for slow mo is awesome but
    4k is surely only worth it for cinema. Not youtube blogging. 

  7. Awesome video!
    I love this Camcorder, it’s perfect!

  8. Just so you know,. While shooting, you can zoom, but cant focus, unless you
    reach around and flick a loud switch, all being noticable while shooting,
    just to focus,. now you can focus and if you wanna zoom, Yep, flick the
    switch,. I was in Best Buy 10 seconds when I said this to the sales
    person,. “Poor Design. It is unusable”.
    Spend more money for a camera that has an independent focus and zoom dial
    that is mechanical, not electrical.

  9. Very good Video :)

  10. @18:14 Great use of NFC, I’d almost dare to say just for that feature alone
    this camera is worth buying. Can’t wait to see the 4K demo reel.

  11. thanks for the overview! i just heard the new version of this cam comes out
    at the end of februari. it’s called the FDR-AX33 and is shown at the
    CES-2015. I wait till there is a proper overview / review of it and make my

    How does this camera preforms in indoor sporthalls? Like basketball and
    volleyball? i can’t find any indoor sports footage shot with this cam sadly.


  12. What Camera you was using when you record the video?

  13. 10 years ago I bought a JVC 1080i for 4000 the thing kept breaking.
    people all over had the same problem. they put this stupid lens cap censor
    to tell you it was on. by doing that, the lens would stay shut and it was
    the biggest defect. the other was the power jog switch kept popping off.
    they wanted 200 dollars everytime to fix it. I promised never to by a JVC
    product ever again. This is pretty nice though But I would rather have a
    detatchable lens. But this is a huge improvement for half the price a
    prosumer went for 10 years ago. My concern about rendering time is you need
    a really powerful computer

  14. what’s the refference of your OLD handycam? what model?

  15. Well done, one of the accurate and perfect review in YouTube

  16. What do you guys think of the Canon hf -g10?

  17. hi i’m a new subscriber i’ve been subscribing for a few weeks this is the
    first video i’ve comented on

  18. IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

    DOH. I saw the mic jack in your video hidden in front of the hand strap =)
    Thanks again for such a great video. I sincerely appreciate you posting
    this. It looks like a logical “step up” from the Canon XA10.

  19. Weirdly, there is no information concerning image stabilization system.

  20. Very nice review, i’m not a Sony fan myself, but this has got me interested
    in this camera, great review!

  21. Zachary Gratschmayr

    I want this!!! For 2000 dollars……

  22. Great Video!!! One of the best “unboxing” videos for this product !!!

  23. Sony 4K Handycam (FDR-AX100): Unboxing & Overview:

  24. well if i would had that money i would have waited for a 4k 60fps cuz 30fps
    on 4k looks bad :/

  25. which camera did u use to record this video?

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