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Xbox One Review

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  1. its not about sales, its not about the quantity of indie games (lol), or
    the graphics. its about experience. and Xbox One delivers the BEST overall
    gaming and entertainment experience. better exclusives, online service by
    far, multitasking, features, support by far especially with very good
    monthly updates, and controller. Xbox One > PS4

  2. Real Legit List Of Exclusive Games For Both Consoles.
    Ps4 has variety
    All LunchBox One Exclusives
    Chaos Child
    Dance Central
    Crimson Dragon
    Fighters Within
    Forza 5
    Forza Horizon 2
    Killer Instincts
    Halo: Masterchief
    Sixty Second Shooter Prime
    (Sunset Overhyped Will Come To PC eventually)
    Azito X Tasunoko
    Blues and Bullets
    Judgment Of Rage
    Halo 5
    Fable Legends
    Steins Gate
    Global Mission 2
    Pneuma: Breath of Life
    PowerStar Golf
    Natsuki Chronicle
    Phantom Dust
    Psycho Pass
    Quantum Break
    Banjo Kazooie E3 2015 announcement
    Gears Of War (Maybe 2015-2016)
    Other Surprise games at E3 2015

    All Ps4 Exclusive
    The Order 1886
    inFAMOUS Second Son
    Persona 5
    Until Dawn
    Killzone Shadow Fall
    Hell Divers
    Dragon Quest Heroes
    Salt and Sanctuary
    Uncharted 4
    Inferno Climber
    Unfinished Swan
    Little Big Planet 3
    Invokers Tournament
    Mobile Suit Gundam
    Let It Die
    Samurai Warriors 4
    MLB 14
    MLB 15
    Hotshots Golf
    Fairy Fencer F
    The Tomorrow Children
    Gran Turismo 7
    Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
    Shadow Of The Beast
    Natural Doctrine
    Deep Down
    Disgaea 5
    God Eater 2
    Infamous: First light
    Rachet & Clank
    Without Memory
    The Last Of Us Remastered
    Sony Bend Studio New Ps4 IP
    Sony London Studio New Ps4 IP
    Guerrilla Cambridge New Ps4 IP
    Sucker Punch New Ps4 IP
    Media Molecule New Ps4 IP
    Capcom New Ps4 IP
    Quantic Dream New Ps4 IP
    Guerrilla Games new IP code named Horizon
    Wait till they announce The Last Guardian
    Wait till they announce God Of War 4
    On December Huge Third Party Exclusive game announcement for the Ps4
    Other surprise games E3 2015

    None of these games will ever come to PC or LunchBox One unlike all XBONE
    games coming to PC, HaaaaHaaaa!

  3. IGN Xbox scores:

    Xbox One with Kinect: 8.1
    Xbox One without Kinect: 7.8

    Looks like Sony Ponies win again. Gonna have a good time reading these


  4. Both consoles are good, ok.
    Xbone has better exclusives but PS4 has more indie game support.
    Hardware on the PS4 is slightly better but Xbox is known for better
    software support.
    Controller is opinion based but are both improved from there previous gen.
    And nobody care about the PS eye or Kinect.

    It all comes down to which has the games you want, I want halo, titanfall
    and tombraider so I made my choice.

  5. Xbox One in a nutshell: Gay, overpriced piece of shit for casual gamers,
    with broken games and sub-standard graphics. PS4 is the superior console
    this gen. Xbox sucks.

  6. IGN Journalism is just Flawless….
    No Game DVR? You do know you can say “Xbox Record That” or “Double Tap the
    Home button and then press X,” and you can Stream straight to Twitch,
    Upload straight to YouTube and Record with any HD Game DVR, example an

  7. _Phase_Klan_ Rekt_

    Lunchbox one is still shit compared to ps4
    All of you 9 year old kkk members on squeakerbox live say we ride a sony
    pony yet you xfags suck bill Gates microcock. We ride ponies to victory,
    also all of you have to pay for a shit online service with paid Internet
    while ps4 pc and wii u can browse for free.
    Rise of the tomb raider had to be timed because micro$hit had to compete
    with a much er better game called uncharted lol
    Cable box one had to lower their price just for sales Lol, where’s xbuck$
    master race now


  8. PS4 is simple like the apple products, its made for babies anyone can use
    it. XBOX is way more advanced. While the little kids play their simple
    products gaming wise XBOX has far superior gamers than the PS4.
    Final score:
    PS4> XBOX
    XBOX Gamers> PS4 Gamers

  9. Gamespot has a way better review. 

  10. I bought a PS4 last year and I was so happy to get into the new gen. But my
    friend showed me his new Xbox bundle with Simset Overdrive and I was
    shocked. It was so good I just wanted to trade it. And I got the chance to
    do so.
    The XONE is in fact a multimidia device and thats what I like about it. I
    dont care about the fraps or resolution that much cause I am getting more
    than that and I dont see any difference between PS4. They are both great
    consoles but I’ll stick with Microsoft this gen. They are doing great. :)

  11. Lunchbox fanboys are so stupid.
    “Sales dont matter!!”
    but I bet if the Lunchbox sold more, you guys would be saying “HAHA XBOX
    Bunch of idiots

  12. Can I play Super Smash Bros on Xbox One or PlayStation 4? Nope! Wii U only!

  13. Real gamers don’t say “xbox sucks” or “PlayStation sucks” or things of that
    nature. Real gamers support each other as a community, and as an industry 

  14. Halo is the only reason to have the Xbox One even tho the MCC is broken
    right now. I really hope the game is fixed by Christmas Day because thats
    when im getting my Xbox One with Halo.

  15. Everyone in is comment section is an idiot, both ps4 and xbox one suck. The
    wii u has won because bayonette, smash bros, Mario cart 8, the multiple
    Mario games, and Zelda (which is coming) have made the wii u the best

  16. These fucking Sony ponies can’t accept facts. Xbox One is the SUPERIOR
    console. Sunset Overdrive was fuckin amazing, Halo the master chief
    collections was great too. Console is beautiful and online is amazing as
    usual. Controllers feel natural and responsive. Xbox One> Ps4

  17. PS4 = Graphics

    XB1 = Exclusivite

    PC = ALL.

  18. The xbox one might not have a better console than the ps4, but it
    definitely has a better controller, interface and games but still nothing
    compared to pc 

  19. So same price as the PS4, worst hardware, controller uses batteries,
    interface is shit, one good exclusive(Sunset Overdrive). Tell me again why
    would you buy this instead of a PS4? I am a Nintendo guy(gotz me teh wiiu)
    but objectively for this types of games why the hell would you buy this
    junk when the PS4 is around?

  20. SixYearOld Douch-e

    Sorry, Microsoft.
    You still make the bad decisions even getting the wrong exclusives for
    people that has been served an half baked potato. Let us see the quick
    list..sunset overdrive, looks like wet dream for hipsters to play. Tomb
    Raider, overated and not better than the last of us.(in fact never better
    than TLOU) The Master Cheif collection/Halo 5, Sorry I don’t play fucking
    action figures.

    Since this is beginning to make me shake and cringe, just so like with
    their crappy frame rate issues. If I was ever on This video, the review
    score Should be considered a…

  21. Who are the idiots that buys xbox one for halo, only one game? I don’t know
    about you but I like a variety of games not just one game, I don’t care how
    popular or how good it is, I wont be playing halo for years..

  22. I own PS4 and I admit that the Xbox one controller seems better. The
    lightbar on dual shock is totally pointless and just drains the battery.
    Plus the fact that Xbox one plays .mkv files is also a big upside if u know
    what I mean. But 1080p resolution in games that PS4 offers is still a
    pretty big advantage over 720. The difference is noticeable just like in
    videos and it’s what got me convinced to buy PS4. As for the exclusives, I
    thought PS4 had better ones but now I see Xbox is catching up.

  23. You know what? I actually appreciate the design of having a HDMI-in port on
    the back. My TV only has one HDMI port, and I have two consoles sitting
    next to it. So what I did was to connect my PS4 to Xbox One’s HDMI-in port,
    so I can literally play two consoles at the same time :)

  24. My ps3 has more power that a Xbox one 

  25. I enjoy all gaming consoles. Fight me internet.

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