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The Doll Hunters at Fao Schwarz, Disney Store and Toys R Us Times Square

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  1. You guys didnt get the Pinkie Pie?? She looked really cool i loved the box!

  2. Oh and what state do you live in?

  3. Alot of barbie shoes creep me out

  4. I love going to all those places! Me and my grandma go there in may every
    single year.

  5. Dr who is dr hooves 

  6. I actually found TWO MISS CLOVER Zelfs at my Toys R Us at ONE TIME!!! I got
    one, but MI is a great place for Zelfs!

  7. theres a sunset shimer of zelfs

  8. i was in new yoyrck in dec

  9. I actually found TWO MISS CLOVERS at the SAME time at my Toys R Us!!! I
    ended up getting one! MI is a good place for Zelfs!

  10. I really want a Audrey Hepburn doll!!!

  11. How often do you venture up to NY? I’ve only gone to times square once
    YEARS ago (before monster high even existed!) and wasn’t able to go into
    the stores I wanted to. :( They look so cool and fancy inside!! Tight space
    wise, British stores are the most cramped I have EVER squeezed through! 

  12. hahahaha this was filmed on my sisters b day

  13. I hope you guys got the Chinese New Year Pinkie Pie. My TRU doesn’t have
    her yet and I really would like 2 (one to open and one to keep in box) but
    you can only buy one per person from TRU website. This was such a fun toy
    hunt to follow. Those stores are HUGE!!!

  14. Rapunsel’s hair just confuses me.It looks so weird

  15. How old is Gracie and what grade is she in

  16. Is the Cleo and Lagoona scaris 2 pack tru exclusive? Because I saw one at
    justice the other day and I was like isn’t that a tru exclusive? 

  17. Mariah super gymnast

    So cool!!! Have you seen blind bags and boxes or my little pony? You should
    look for them they are really cool and I think you would like them!!! 

  18. There'sANewGhoulintheAttic

    I Wish for MLPEG funko dolls movie accurate outfits though

  19. Khristyna Flower


  20. the Barbie stuff is really adorable 

  21. Yay I can finally comment

  22. Is gracie a directioner aka one direction fan

  23. Where did you film this?

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