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Rabbids Invasion Nickelodeon Toys Plunger Blaster, Blind Bags, Action Figures, and Plush Toy Review

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  1. What is this bullshit? Come on Shartimus. 

  2. That gun sounds like me after eating baked beans.

  3. you said pooted XD

  4. marvel heroes GR

    hey shartimus i have a question to ask you wanna hear what i have to say
    yes or no 

  5. Charmanderfan2002

    I love blind bags or mystery toys in general.

  6. LONG BOX: Weekly Comic Book Review

    Very funny stuff. Another good review.

  7. I’d take the gun…If I ever just had some spare cash and was like, “Hey!
    I’ve always wanted a plunger gun!”

    Great review!

  8. Yu know, im not a fan of these “toys” mainly because im a Action Figure
    collector / Reviewer. But i have to say, the way Shartimus reviews these
    things, i found myself wanting to buy them. I guess that just means hes a
    darn good reviewer. +Shartimus Prime 

  9. Sometimes I wonder if you even care about what you’re reviewing. 

  10. HA! Cool vid “keep up the good work” 

  11. I like the little figurines very cool!

  12. I like the plush and the 2 inch blind bags

  13. This are some goofy little toys. Good review man


  15. SO FUNNY

  16. I f seen pixl Dan

  17. HAHAHAHA!! Bro I watched this toon for the first time on Saturday. Shit was
    funny. Im happy to see McFarlane is doing something different. I might pick
    the keychains up, shits are dope hahahahaha.

  18. I cried with laughter at 8:48

  19. Already was set to get some of these. Just made me want more. Mostly to
    look like messing around with other figs like Marvel Legends, DCUCs and
    MOTUC for example.

  20. very nice vid shart! seeing todd run around with the gun in his office
    building was fun to watch lol. the sculpts on these guys on all the toys
    are hilarious 

  21. Great review, had me laughing harder than i have all week with the plunger
    gun skits. love it! keep up the great work!!

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