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Super Mario 64 Intro and Gameplay (Wii Virtual Console)

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  1. He’s pretty stupid not realizing that Super Mario 64 is from 1996. Back
    then, this was amazing.

  2. imagine if the whole game looked as detailed as the face before the game in

  3. aw i remember playin this game all the time when i was a kid! i loved it! i
    need to get it on my wii!

  4. Dude this is Classic

  5. @redbluemast got that right

  6. removed his comment… he said that Galaxy has better graphic then Mario 64
    and he called mario 64 crappy

  7. so, how much this cost on the Wii or how can ya buy sum old games then?

  8. go to your chatroom,i need your help with something,

  9. This game looks awesome in WII U

  10. @Adeodatus229 Yes, you can. Some people HAVE the GCN Controller to play
    Virtual Console games. I’m planning to get THIS game for Virtual Console

  11. can some one add me my wii consle number 7419533515627206

  12. Classic! always will be forever!!!!! <3 I love Mario!!!

  13. @oldmanjenkins44 yeah agree, but its much because its a classic:p

  14. The original SMB, then SMB 3, World, 64, RPG… Even though I personally
    didn’t like RPG too much

  15. Ok.

  16. The Super Mario 64 of the Virtual Console is darker than Super Mario 64 of
    Nintendo 64. Why?

  17. can you play this game with the gamecube controler

  18. Super Mario Galaxy is the best Mario game I can think of, 2nd is Super
    Mario RPG, then Super Mario World, THEN Super Mario 64. I won’t force your
    opinion, but I actually want you to judge mine.

  19. so many sleepless nights sittin up drinkin moutain dew playin tha fuck
    outta this game

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