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GameSpot Reviews – Driver: San Francisco (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)

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  1. This game was really made to win an award. Sadly, the story degraded the

  2. the people animations are better than anything i’ve seen on next gen WTF! a
    ps3 game is superior in realistic humans HOW IN THE FU&%^ maybe the
    developers should ask this company how to do people in games

  3. a game that is loads of fun to play, sadly, everything else is mediocre at
    best when compared to other racing games and complete garbage when compared
    to its predecessors

  4. Hey guys! Is there any way to to turn on motion blur on pc cause when I go
    to video settings I don’t see it.

  5. Jordie Gruending

    I wish that, and hope that GTA game makers take notes on how awesome is it
    to drift and drive cars in this game. Im playing it right now and the
    driving/drifting aspect is awesome. 

  6. scottthewaterwarrior

    Really wish Reflection had made two Driver games last gen. Driver San
    Fransisco was really good, but the crash physics could have been better
    (mainly for rollovers) and the Director mode was pretty lacking. The video
    could only be 5 minutes and the camera was always centered on you (no
    putting the camera on the people chasing you). I really want them to make
    a new Driver game but more serous like 1, 2, and 3 were. I liked shift,
    but it was a bit silly so I think it should only be used to switch between
    different characters, sort of like GTA V only allow characters to team up
    outside missions.

  7. One of the best games I have ever played!

  8. HamadeGamingVids

    Watched a walkthrough. It’s a great game which I need to play.

  9. There’s nobody online anymore. Really miss playing the Takedown mode.

  10. So u can’t get out of your car in this one like in Parallel Lines?

  11. This game is the most unappreciated driving game of the decade

  12. what?!…..

  13. Kraito Krombongus

    I really like this game

  14. stop hating on this game cuz i did not have shooting and not leaving your
    car that was the way driver 1 was

  15. i loved driver 3 it was the best one why id tey kill tanner and why no
    driver 4 and why no micheal madsen in this game?

  16. i love how this very unintelligent man just says the end; where he figures
    out that he was in a coma. This guy just blurts it out like no big deal

  17. Leigh Birch-Garth

    Looks like need for speed and burn out 

  18. The Arbarth 500 isn’t such a slow car…

  19. this game is ridiculously fun..

  20. Gob

  21. Frieswithpotatosalad

    I found the final boss pretty easy, but yeah the story does get pretty
    fucked up and weird over time

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