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Neverwinter Review – Xbox One

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  1. It’s weird seeing this game I played a few years ago being in the spotlight
    again. It’s a fun game for what it is. I wish they would remake Champions
    of Norrath and put it online. Not an MMO, just a good 2-4 player dungeon
    crawler would be such a breath of fresh air.

  2. Can anyone who has played the PC versions share in the differences or
    similarities between this and Elder Scrolls Online please?


  3. Going to pass on this one but outstanding review as usual.

  4. AngryCentaurGaming
  5. Think im defenitely gonna check this out. Man you are a great reviewer man!
    One of the two people that I fully trust with game reviews. Honest and
    detailed. So will you be checking out Elder Scrolls Online for next gen
    consoles in june? 

  6. Thanks for this, wanted some input before playing. =) 

  7. One of the best game reviewers out there! I spread the word about
    AngryCentaurGaming to my gamer friends every chance I get. Thanks for this
    early review. I had logged on hoping to see this!

  8. Hi Angry any plans to do a review on ESO now that its b2p? I hear its done
    a great turn around.

  9. This game looks like a butt sandwich.

  10. Great review Sir.

  11. Anyone thinks it worth it to re-buy an old gen console and play skyrim
    again. I loved that game and seriously miss it. What you think? 

  12. Great review, as usual. I’m basically using this game as a build up to the
    elder scrolls online console release, have you has a chance to try that out

  13. This review is snapped while I am playing Neverwinter. Lol. Great review

  14. Map= Lb + up on d pad

  15. Good review, just discovered your channel…. love you speak…lol

    I have just discovered the game Neverwinter and played the Half-Elf wizard
    and cleric types. Pretty good game play like you said. Though I get a bit
    confused on how the controller works with the powers…. but I am old and
    not too savvy on the Xbox one controller. I guess in time I will get it.
    Keep Rock-in in a Free World—-

  16. Lol funniest review I’ve ever listened too! Fantastic and sub well earned!
    Great game too, started it yesterday and really am enjoying. 

  17. I’ll be downloading and testing this game out myself. Why not it’s free and
    I have a 4TB external HDD for my XB1, so I have plenty of room to burn.
    Can’t wait.

  18. great review dude, you had me laughing my ass off every 30 seconds

  19. I appreciate how informative this review is without being 40 minutes long

  20. I think i just spent spent 3 hours at the games Inn just sitting there
    looking at the chat. and I’ll tell ya it’s a jungle in there R 18+
    seriously go have a look for yourselves

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