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CGR Undertow – DARK SOULS II review for PlayStation 3

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  1. “ma-hoo-la”

  2. Unlike most people I don’t have any nostalgia goggles, so it’s all new to
    me. If I like it enough I may go back and play the others.

  3. This game has a catch for everything it improves. A little disappointing,
    but still fun regardless.

  4. the title says its for ps3 but the description says hes reviewing the PC

  5. Honestly… Dark souls 2 is just boring compared to dark souls 1… It got
    this little bro syndrome to dark souls and tries its hardest to be exactly
    like dark souls… And thats the problem.

    I was expecting something a tad more nique like the gap between demons &
    dark souls, they are alike, but not even close to being alike. Instead we
    got a game that screams “I WANNA BE A SOULS GAME, LOOK AT ME!!! I HAVE LOTS

  6. nga higa yee yee

  7. You could duel wield swords in dark souls 1 as well.

  8. Really didn’t like this game compared to Dark Souls. For all the steps
    forward they made with this game, they made double the amount of steps

  9. …Who is *this* guy?

  10. I’ve beat Demon’s Souls twice; that was enough for me. Dark Souls a bunch
    of times, trying out multiple builds (and at least one NG+). 12 hours in
    Dark Souls II, and really enjoying it. Some things are better, some just as
    good, and a few things feel like steps backward. But all in all, a
    fantastic game.

  11. Blood Brotherhood lyfe c:

  12. Graphically, this game looks boring.

    Gameplay-wise, this game looks boring.

    (Yeah, shoot me for stating my opinion.)

  13. So should I play it? I beat the first Recently and some are saying don’t
    touch it and some are saying it’s great

  14. I feel that DS2 was a bit of a step back. Great improvements to movement
    (its much, MUCH smoother than the previous two) and sound, but everything
    else felt like its complexity fell flat on its face. Parrying is close to
    impossible unless you use a small shield/curved sword, and its just stupid
    how they set up the riposte. The poise system is also really weird too now,
    and weapons overall feel a little sluggish compared to the other two. It
    had great ideas but lacked the execution.

  15. Bloodborne will be the true DSII

  16. Nice review. I agree with most of it in the main although I would say it
    is familiarity rather than ‘less imaginative’. It must be remembered this
    is the first direct sequel. I find that they have obviously tried to merge
    the mechanics of Demons Souls and Dark Souls and, in the main, it works
    fine but I do also agree that, as a consequence, the game is less
    accessible to newcomers. But to hardened enthusiasts like myself it works
    just fine. A great game and a must for fans of the series. 

  17. This looks like the kind of game Berserk should be

  18. Big M wasnt involved in dark souls 2.

  19. Who is this guy? That was actually a garbage reveiw. 

  20. This game looks so boring and dull. I’d rather play Zelda if I wanted a 3rd
    Person Action RPG.

  21. This game looks so boring and dull. I’d rather play Zelda if I wanted a 3rd
    Person Action RPG.

  22. I haven’t played Dark Souls 2 yet but I played Demon Souls and Dark Souls.
    It seems DS2 isn’t as good as DS1. Let’s hope Project Beast will be better
    than DS2.

  23. You speak truth, sir. As a fellow lover of the Souls games, I felt this one
    just didn’t have the same magic.

  24. My problem with DS2 is the same as Sonic CD. Horrid level design. Both
    games have great music, controls, gameplay,etc, but the rushed and bad
    level design makes the game so average compared to the original.

  25. Demons souls still the best in my opinion. Looking forward to project
    beast. The lore in Demons is just amazing.

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