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Monster Maker Printer Unboxing Review Part 1 – Monster High –

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  1. TheKawaiiUnicorn

    just subscribed :) I’m a kiwi to :) Love this channel!!!

  2. I love it but it’s so expensive

  3. On Walmart.com it’s being sold for $50

  4. I’m a kiwi I’m in Auckland I love your channel

  5. Ooooo that is awesome!!

  6. Wow!

  7. To bad no boy monster doll that be cool, little unisex

  8. How much was this

  9. This is uuuhmazing
    Good review mansel

  10. Wow! hehe finally a video where someone has faced the pens downwards xD it
    get better results that way xP hehe great video! :)

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  12. Wow this is awesome, the design is so cool and it looks like so much fun

  13. Awesome reveiw mansell!

  14. It looks so much fun. Where did u get it from? I really want on. And I live
    in Australia 

  15. Awesome it looks soooooooooo cool!!


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