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Dell Inspiron 11 Review

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  1. How is the battery life for casual/school use? I really want this to be
    able to last the whole school day. (High school) How does it compare to the
    Asus zenbook line? For those of you who got the celeron model, do you ever
    wish you got the Pentium? Is the trackpad ever jumpy? I tried it in a store
    and it just didn’t feel good to me. Can it run Minecraft or BZFlag (if you
    know what that is) or other casual games? Lol I know so many questions but
    if some are answered that would be AWESOME. 

  2. how the battery life?

  3. TheNVSCorporation

    This or the Surface Pro? I’m trying to get a budget tablet that has full
    windows 8 and can runs most programs. I already have a really good desktop
    pc so this tablet would be for college and a few very basic games. Anyway
    would a surface pro (1st generation) be better or is this laptop/tablet
    better is terms of specs?

  4. Will this laptop be alright for me to hold an iTunes library of about 200

  5. how is the screen quality vs the yoga 2?

  6. it’s a nice laptop.. I got one.. Im on it right now

  7. Which would you buy the Dell Inspision, hp pavillon or Lenovo yoga 2?

  8. Is the CPU soldered? or is it in a socket?

  9. They-Call-Me-"K"

    Plzzzzz review the dell inspiron 13 7000 theres only a couple of good
    reviews and none are as in depth as yours or write a little something on
    here about it 

  10. Lisa, could you do a review of the Dell 13.3 7000 2-into-1?

  11. In_a_Trance Studios

    Lisa, Does this have SATA 2 or 3? I’m looking at the 6Gb/s ssds. And would
    you say the pentium is a power saver over the i3? Looks like it is on
    Intel’s spec comparison.

  12. The Expression Studio

    I have always loved your reviews. I really want the Surface pro 3 but its
    way too expensive for my wallet. I need a laptop for college since i’m just
    starting out. Just will be doing research papers and social media between
    classes so I think this one will work just fine. Thanks again for your
    attention to detail! : )

  13. Yeah, I’m really digging this Ultrabook/ convertable market, as I am not
    completely sold on tablets with detachable keyboards, as I seldom ever use
    a computer without a keyboard anyway…and I don’t like the smudge factor.
    I tend to only buy notebooks anymore, but I typically have always preferred
    my tablets/ notebooks based on AMD/ Nvidia Tegra technology, as they at
    least leave you with a option to game more casually, but this is just too
    nice to pass up, build quality wise. I don’t care about the plasticy/
    carbon-fiber type of builds as I tend to prefer a nice, solid build.

  14. I love you and your reviews my birthday is February 9th I can’t wait to get
    this!!! Your the best!!

  15. Please can you review the dell inspiron 13 7000. They have it at Costco for
    a grate price and I would love to buy it.

  16. I got this refurbished for $315 on Amazon with 1 year warranty OMG I love
    it!! I just needed a laptop for school and the tablet mode is just a bonus
    for me!! I love the TouchScreen and how responsive it is, I am so
    impressed. Just remove the security software it comes with and all the
    bloatware to make it faster. If you’re looking for something affordable,
    just go for this one. It does what it needs to and it’s fast enough for
    me. :)

  17. Which one is better 2 in 1 convertible laptop? Lenovo Yoga 2 11 or Dell
    Inspiron 11 3000 series.

  18. Just ordered this can’t wait to get it

  19. Mine will not recognize USB mice, and how do i get into BIOS

  20. Well I am looking for something a touchscreen I have a iPad over 2 years
    now and have not have a laptop in a while

  21. Would like to see Lisa’s review of both the new Dell Inspiron 13, the new
    Dell XPS 13, and a side-by-side, strengths/weaknesses comparison of those
    two . . . 

  22. Well I am heading to best buy today with $450 and I think you just sold me.
    I was going to get the asus transformer book t100 ( or t200 if they had it
    for $400) but this seems like it would be better for someone who will be
    treating it like a PC and not a sidekick tablet ( I don’t have my own PC).
    I love the tablet formfactor but I also need a keyboard and trackpad when I
    am at a table. 2 in 1’s are the only way to go for my computer and tablet
    needs :)

  23. what a great machine … my Asus X200CA only last for 2 hours … (dispite
    the claim 5 hours long lasting) … i really going to buy this one as my
    next laptop … :-D

  24. The memory ram can be upgradable? Please help

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