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Purple Cut Crease & Glitter – Make Up Tutorial ft. BitchSlap Cosmetics

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  1. Couldn’t find the mute fast enough! Grrr… messin up my buzz… Great job

  2. Your makeup skills are amazing but the song total distraction. 

  3. I love this!

  4. Dj´s Del Beat HD

    Me encanta como se maquillan y yo quiciera a prender 

  5. I absolutely love u so inspiring ..up are wat true beauty is mustache and

  6. Holy shit! That was so aweshum! I don’t think I could draw the purple line
    above the eyelid straight though

  7. I love all of your work! PERFECTO!

  8. maria azucena alvarado palma

    maquillaje vacano, sonido espantoso 

  9. The music is not for everyone, I didn’t like it either. But what is your
    problem with the moustache? He should act like girl to show how good he is
    at doing make up on the eyes? What ridiculous standards!

  10. im sorry but the RAVE music is totally inapporaite for this , i couldnt
    even watch the first 10 seconds change your music ASAP and you might get
    more positive comments

  11. Seriously couldn’t watch the video cause I was busy dancing. You need to
    put on some boring elevator music on instead.
    I love your videos though.

  12. You are so good at makeup Wow i love your makeup arts & tutorials. Thanks
    for sharing your videos and talent to show and teach up others you have my
    love and support.

  13. You are so incredibly talented! I adore you!

  14. GORGEOUS! :D

  15. no matter what kind of eyes but make up is all to attract!

  16. LaTraidora Gonzales

    Purple Cut Crease & Glitter – Make Up Tutorial ft. BitchSlap Cosmetics:

  17. How do you do your eyebrows so perfectly ? I love theemm ♥

  18. Justyna Skrzipczyk

    Love the whole tutorial. The music is awesome!!!! :D

  19. Cheryl k. Cheryl K.

    Thanks for Sharing !!!

  20. I love that hardstyle is being used in a make up video right now.

  21. Luuuuve it luuuuve it luve it 

  22. I ike very mucho!!!you are amazing!!! :)

  23. Bel trucco, complimenti, che bravo che sei :-)

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