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Miniature Jewelry tutorial; Necklace, bracelet, rings, & earrings

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  1. Hi guys! Today we’re making some miniature jewelry to go with the jewelry
    boxes from the previous video :)


  3. Your so talented :)

  4. Christiana Magdalene Moodley

    Lucky dolls wearing Swarovski crystals!

  5. Mohammed Rafiuddin

    Really cool video

  6. you should do Chinese food like sweet and sour chicken and potstickers for
    kawaii cooking

  7. This is something i needed a lot. I love jewelry and i love my dolls.
    Thanks for being so awesome

  8. You changed your profile picture!

  9. Great job, love the jewelry. 

  10. Wow… You always amaze me with your talent ! .. I look forward to all your
    tutorials ! Keep up the good work.x

  11. dominicanbeauty34

    Yay a new video

  12. Pretty!!!

  13. AMaterialSpectrum


  14. this is so cute

  15. Mohammed Rafiuddin

    Nice profile

  16. Good! Cute! Pretty! 

  17. I comment WAY too much!

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