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♡ Easy DIY Jewelry/Accessory Organizers | LaurDIY

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  1. Ahhh those plates are so cute! Feel free to ship me any of your DIYs if you
    run out of space. Just sayinnnnn 😉 

  2. so clever lauren!! Great video <3

  3. Currently running out the door to get supplies 


  5. You look just like my Aunt, and share her name… and even more creepy is
    that you both do DIYs…

  6. PeaceloveCaitlin


  7. Where’s your colab?

  8. She said “gurll anint nobody got time for that” dyin lhhhh

  9. Princess Ana Cristina Rosario

    your nails OMG!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ummm whats a alternative for hot glue? Thx btw

  11. Laur you are queen! #laurdecorforever ❤️

  12. Love your nails!

  13. My two favorite youtubers 

  14. stop trying to be so cute…cause its annoying. this is not hating, its
    called telling the truth. -_-

  15. This is a great video!! Very good ideas!!

  16. For the Arrow hanger i would suggest another way of doing it, masking tape
    the shape of the arrow before you stain it and stain the rest of the wood
    so the arrow is not stained to make it look more rustic/visa/versa the
    other way around. You could also detail fine strands in the wood coming out
    from the arrow to make it look like its part of the woods design if that
    makes sense. Just a suggestion.

  17. Kyleigh Rutherford

    Love the new outro song :D

  18. Jennifer Shaffer

    Could you do a video for earring holders? I’m out of space for earrings :)

  19. You should have done the arrow in gold it would have been so much better,
    but it’s really great ! +1

  20. Love these ideas! What nailpolish do you wear? It’s prettehh!

  21. Yazzmine Zaccardi

    So… I was wondering if you could do a video for VERY neutral/natural
    makeup… I have dark circles and bags under my eyes naturally, and I am an
    idiot when it comes to makeup. I think you may have done one.. But I
    haven’t seen it yet, so I will look!! Also if you could recommend your fav
    products of 2015? Thanks for reading this comment (if you do) and taking
    this into consideration!!! Love your channel!

  22. This is so pretty! I have also made a necklace & bracelet Holder and would
    be happy if you guys can tell me what you think of it! My first DIY project
    and video :) I like this holder with plates the most, I should also do one,
    so pretty :)

  23. Gabby Hutchinson

    i love your nails

  24. i need a tutorial about your nails, omg i’m freaking out this is the most
    amazing nail i’ve ever seen, i’d use this forever hahahaha pleaseeeee
    please i need this tutorial do it for me 

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