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Easy & Affordable DIY Holiday Gift Ideas! 2014

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  1. beautygivemeabeat

    Hi loves! I hope you like this quick inspiration video on what you can get
    your family members, friends, boyfriends, etc for the holidays! Make sure
    to check out my friend Nicole’s video too :) 

  2. These are adorable!! The santa jar is definitely my favorite :)

  3. Such cute DIY’s! I’m so excited it’s nearly Christmas! x

  4. I really like the starbucks cup idea, too bad we don’t have starbucks here

  5. watching it all over again! :) cuteness

  6. If anybody could subscribe to me it would mean alot

  7. My favorite idea in this video is the candy jar❤️❤️❤️

  8. I love the Starbucks cup idea, definitely my favorite! 

  9. if someone haven’t told you this today then i will :) you are beautiful and
    perfect in every way . never give up and always stay strong no matter what
    . dont let anyone make you feel down , your unique in your own way and
    always love yourself . i know you can do it :) ilysm
    – xoxo emily

  10. Just saying the coffee thing… why put stickers on it because when you
    wash the cup the stickers will get ruined. 

  11. I am so going to make the Santa jar for my friend this year.

  12. Claudia Grumetto

    oh it’s so cute the santa jar

  13. The best gift I ever received was an iPhone 5c in yellow!! I love it so

  14. María mtapiadpov

    i love all that christmas stuff. hope someone give one of this

  15. sp cute DIYs loved them specially the jar one <3

  16. The Starbucks cup was so cute and the idea of putting a Starbucks gift card
    inside is so cute and original ! It could totally work as a birthday
    present too!

  17. My favorite treat was the Santa M&M because I actually remade this diy and
    gave it to lots of my friends.

  18. I was having trouble finding easy holiday gifts and you helped me so much!
    Thanks for being you <3

  19. These ideas are fab I’m tots going to try these super cute diys this

  20. Your intros are always so on point :) loved this video! 

  21. Omg the Starbucks cup and thermal cup ideas were adorable! 

  22. I loved watching this video! I can see that you put lots of effort into it.
    My favourite diy was the planner.

  23. These are really awesome I’m gonna make sure to doo thesee!

  24. Nice ideas

  25. i absoutloutly love the snowflake mug

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