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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas! DIY Gifts, Treats, & my faves!

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  1. YAY NEW VIDEOOO! Here are some fun last minute V-day ideas!
    not gonna lie, some of them might take a while to make but they are super
    fun and can be made any time of year! Do u guys have any v day plans? I’ll
    be buying myself some chocolate per usual hahaha 

  2. Cute Girls Hairstyles

    Such a cute video, Bethany! It’s great having you back on YT! Thanks for
    being such a great role model for my 5 girls!

  3. this video was flawless

  4. I definitely feel like bethany matured a lot the past couple months. Now
    she doesn’t have that little girl vibe anymore. It makes me proud but a
    little sad at the same time :(

  5. bethany did you break into my spotify?? every song in this video are in
    like 4 of my playlists omg 

  6. Bethany you inspired me to start making beauty guru videos! It would me
    the world to me if you guys went and checked them out! <3

  7. ᴊ'ᴀᴅᴏʀᴇᴍᴀᴅɪsᴏɴ

    We’ll see Beth on Easter… All she does is DIY for holidays.

  8. ♡♡♡♡ These ideas are awesome!! You are amazing beth, my inspiration!!!

    P.S DOES ANYONE WANT TO BE YOUTUBE FRIENDS??? I am so close to 700
    subscribers!! :) I will support anyone, we are a big community!! Please no
    hate :)

  9. why did she stop posting videos ? 


  11. hey beth, i need ur help! please help me share awareness of the rape in
    india! someone like you with lots of followers would have such an impact!!
    i made a video to spread the awareness of whats happening in india! please
    help me share it. im trying to get this out to other youtubers as well! 

  12. ‘I promise i will not be posting videos once a month’

  13. Teacher says to student, In Algebra
    It means A=C.

    Now give relevant example.
    Student: Sir, I love you & You love your daughter,
    It means that I love your daughter.

  14. Do everyone a favor and just quit YouTube. I’m just saying because let’s be
    honest here you don’t really care anymore about YouTube you just want to do
    other things! It’s ok just make a goodbye video or something. No hate 

  15. Your videos are always last minute nowadays and you never post…you have
    to remember what made you famous in the first place YouTube and your fans
    I’m unsubscribing now other you tubers upload daily. Bye

  16. Does anyone else come here every day hoping she put a video up

  17. I’m going to use Beth’s money, time, hard work and EARNED subscribers to
    make myself famous!! And then a bunch of other people will use my comment
    to earn subscribers and I will too! Then I will receive 150 likes because
    of all the famous youtuber wannabes! Just like me!! Great business
    strategy. Not. 

  18. So now what’s ur excuse, Beth? Sorry that i had to say that, but c’mon, i
    used to be a HUGE fan of yours, but now, u hardly ever make a new vid. This
    vid – your latest one was posted on Feb 12th! And now it’s March 4th
    already. I know that ur life is not all about YouTube, but once u decide to
    become a YouTuber, then at least make YouTube vids more frequently. U
    always say u love us, but it doesn’r seem like that.

  19. I bet we’ll get a “Last Minute Easter Outfits” video then we’ll see her
    next year, three hours before Halloween…

  20. I don’t like Bethany mota anymore…

  21. In Denmark it was the 14th yesterday :c

  22. SirAwesomeRudy !

    Hey Guys My name is Rudy and i am a rising youtuber who was inspired a lot
    by Bethany Mota
    IT would be Amazing if you took some time out and Subscribed or checked my
    Sorry for spamming

  23. Omg hahahah…!!
    This video is so adorable beth !!

  24. Khm, Beth? We are here..? We are waiting for you come on..

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