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Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas!

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  1. Highandfunctioning

    your thrid language? OMG I thought it was your first language, your english
    is PERFECT!

  2. I love your video!

  3. Lol not to be wierd but u r sooooo sweet just watching this video made my
    Christmas Eve! Luv YA!

  4. I’m in Spain at the moment. In Malaga.
    If only I could speak Spanish!
    Can you give me some words you’ll think i will need?

  5. sexist – boys can wear beauty stuff too.

  6. Hey guys please make sure you have google + or I cannot comment back :(
    VERY uncool, YouTube.

  7. You look a little like the leader of the drug ring in orange is the new

  8. Shannon Paris James

    You’re so pretty x

  9. Cool but I don’t have any of those things

  10. I love the calendar idea ! Thank you

  11. Hi

  12. Razan Alboliteeh

    I love this video, you helped so much!
    Thank youuu!♡

  13. So helpful thank youu 

  14. Savannah Becerra

    you did not show us how to do it just explained with pictures not even a
    good description of what to do

  15. Great ideas! Thanks

  16. I would’ve never guessed that English was your third language, until you
    said so. Wow, your pronunciations are spot on! Also, great video! :)

  17. Razan Alboliteeh

    I love this video, you helped so much!
    Thank youuu!♡

  18. lollypop cruncher


  19. Mahfiza Ashurova

    I think instead of showing pictures you should show how to do it xox ❤️❤️

  20. thanks i really needed those for friends bday love ya

  21. Victoria Pokrovska

    Love you so much you have so nice videos!!!<3<3

  22. our teacher gave the candy sleds to us this Christmas in school :P

  23. Omg your my favrite person for diys u are amazing

  24. Wow one year ago

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