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How to Make Hemp Jewelry : Making a Spiral Knot Hemp Bracelet

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  1. so much better than the other one with the big eyes.

  2. Thank you so much I was trying to use pictures but could not get the hang
    of it until I watched this.

  3. We used to call these “4 bracelets” because of the shape you make with the
    string when you are knotting it. But we always used a few colors of
    yarn/string, it made it look a lot better.

  4. Breeze Mansker :3

    @MsKelsib That’s exaxtly what I was thinking.

  5. What you said was wrong.

  6. hemp is very uncomfortable to wear

  7. @pingpongroxs lmfaooo haha nicee

  8. Susan Pendergrass

    You’re rude and that comment was very unnecessary.

  9. well, milford189, thats a horrible waste. i tried that; bad idea. i wrap
    the cord thrice around my hand, fold that in half, and tie the loops, then
    if the carriers are too long, i cut them just to be shorter than the
    knotters. now take a seat.

  10. @EmoSuperFace Really? The loop is the easiest thing to do, it’s a simple
    knot… They even have a video for it.

  11. What you said was wrong.

  12. Where do you get colored hemp?

  13. how do you tie the knot at the beginning? (the knot where the nail is
    holding it) and this is a very helpful vid :)

  14. @EmoSuperFace That’s so sweet :) I wish my guy made me hemp stuff.

  15. slip the bead on through the inner strands/chords. Then continue as normal,
    tying your knots underneath the bead. Hope that helps :)

  16. @krisskross926 I’ll make a video response

  17. i like karen <3

  18. I heard that boiling your hemp necklace can get rid of the little itchy
    strands. Is this true or will boiling it ruin the necklace?

  19. it makes it alot easier, not more difficult. its good to just have the wood
    and the nail because then you can use it every time you make a necklace or

  20. Will someone please tell me howt tie just a knot? not a squre one or circle
    or whatever but just a regular?

  21. IKR?!?

  22. I believe It’s called an Overhand knot

  23. You are making this way more difficult than it actually is…do the loop
    underneath first instead of over it. is the wood, nail and pin really

  24. @BijiKurdoKurdistan21 yes they have a video for both

  25. how long does the 2 pieces of hemp have to be to make a choker? I cut 2
    pieces 5 feet long and it looks like its not going to be long enough to go
    all the way around the neck…

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