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How to Make a Watercolor Paper Bracelet: Integrating Wire with Watercolor Paper

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  1. Also, as I’m trying this project out (the glue-less version), I’m finding
    that the Minwax Polycrylic is causing my painted paper to bleed/run, and
    I’m losing some of my pattern…The paper was painted last year, so it’s
    definitely dry. Any thoughts on how to avoid this, the next time around?

  2. Amazing work, very delicate. Appreciate very much this class! 

  3. Wow! I have never seen anything so unique and you are a good teacher. Thank
    you so much for this video! ^_^

  4. mischa marchenko

    GREAT,FANTASTIC. You have inspired me to get back into my art work. I draw
    with colored pencils, work with polymer clay,beading,etc. I haven’t ery
    done anything for quite some time.Your inspiration & guidence has regained
    me to play with my art work. I have big problems on my back which has got
    me into a deep depression. I thank you for opening the doors again so i
    can enjoy & put my talents to use. God Bless!!!!!

  5. A piece of advice – next time you make a bracelet, try to wrap your paper
    around mandrel and slide your wire on top of it. This would eliminate need
    to use paper clips and will make it possible to skip glueing and go
    straight to the varnish bead.

  6. Love the bracelet! You make it look so easy to learn. Will be trying this.
    Which I could attend your classes. Thank you for the free tutorial!

  7. Really wonderful! Bracelets are bigger and more difficult to do than
    earrings but yet you show it is not impossible! Thank you. I will share
    on my blog with others.

  8. Love your videos. They are so detailed and the final products are so
    beautiful. Can’t wait to try them out.

  9. Beautiful piece! I love your attention to details and the unusual quality
    of the bracelet. Thank you!

  10. This looks like so much fun! Can you tell me, though, what temp you
    “half-baked it in the oven” for? Thank you for sharing!

  11. like that

  12. Very nice! Thanks for sharing that!

  13. You have combined 2 things I LOVE – watercolor painting and jewelry! I do
    both, but never thought of combining the two. Great instruction and
    workmanship! You have given me ideas in combining more mixed media with
    jewelry. Thanks! So glad I discovered your work on YouTube – I have

  14. Okay, I’m hooked on your projects! You explain things so clearly and I am
    trying to get my tools together and buy what I don’t have. Where do you
    purchase your 16 gauge nickel silver wire? I’ll put my list on hold
    (Amazon) until you get back to me at the earliest. Thank you for sharing
    your tutorials and love your jewelry!

  15. Love this. Thank you for sharing your expertise!!

  16. Collavanni Intern'l Designz Inc.

    I am jewelry designer and I have been enbracing the idea of paper use. You
    have just unleashed amazing ideas from my mind after watching your
    tutorial. Thank you so much. You have no idea what you channel has created
    in my mind.

  17. That was really nice to watch. A great intro to fine jewelry making for
    novices like me! I am very inspired and have several new ideas for things
    to make after watching you work, and now I have better knowledge of tools
    to use! Thanks, and you do very lovely work!

  18. The best of two worlds…..watercolor painting and jewelry making. Thank
    you for sharing your talents. Very nice presentation.

  19. OH WOW. I am so glad I found your channel. You, Sir, have a new subscriber.

  20. I read more of your comments below and sterling silver wire it is. While
    I’m at it, where do you buy your tools? Thank you again.

  21. What’s the paper used finally?thanks

  22. This is really a wonderful video…. You are so kind for sharing such a
    great design! I can think of so many ways to use this design…… Thank

  23. This was an interesting video & well-presented. Thank you. Very nice work

  24. Jennifer Boileau

    you did such a great job explaining and showing every step! I can’t wait
    to try this :)

  25. Teresa Mertens-Montejo

    Thank You! a great tutorial beautiful bracelet.

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