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WarioWare, Inc. Mega Microgame$! – Wii U Virtual Console Trailer

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  1. I ve got the real game on game boy advance

  2. Bäääh Wii U

  3. Plays it on emulator

    Saves 8 bucks

  4. I already got it on my 3ds so what’s the use of buying it again

  5. AsViewedByFran88

    Already got this on the 3DS as part of the “Ambassador Program”. It’s a
    great game but it would have been better if they ported over smooth moves.
    Or better still a NEW Wario Ware game like these classics that doesn’t

  6. Game and Wario’s sole existence is to sell this virtual console game.

  7. wii u is such a joke. too bad i love nintendo. really this is what they
    have to show us?

  8. Not to mention Nintendo discontinued Wii u cause its the worst system ever

  9. Is this a different game from twisted? that’s the one i own…

  10. Classic

  11. I had the DS version which was awesome one of my favorite games m/

  12. when will this be released?

  13. Old school!!

  14. No GameCube support though? VC was much better in 2008 than what it is now

  15. nintendomaster192921

    still play this ALL THE TIME. on the original GBA with no light and real
    batteries that is, and even after all these years of me owning EVERY WW
    game, I think this one is the one that kept me coming back the most,
    rivaled closely by touched, kind-of surprisingly, considering it’s bad rep.
    P.S. I do like game and wario, but they should have added less emphasis on
    the cluck-a-pop and more emphasis on the individual minigames, since there
    are only 3-5 stages per game with the worst being Dr. crygors,the best
    being a tie between 9-volt’s and captain wario’s, the the most plentiful
    levels being kat and ana’s.
    P.P.S. we need a warioware 3D, mainly because the series’ tendency to use
    experimental technology, and the 3DS has yet to get one.

  16. I wish those GBA games were available for the 3DS. Warioware mega micro
    games for the GBA is awesome to play.

  17. at least this will be better than the Game and Wario title

    funny, and emulated game better than a new entry

  18. i used to play this alot when i was young. really fun game.

  19. I want Wario ware on 3ds!

  20. This is my jam! The advertising hooked me enough for my folks to give it
    to me as a middle school graduation present, and to this day it’s a key
    player in my game collection. Everyone I got to play it was instantly

    To me, Dr Crygor’s stage starting at the second speed epitomizes the
    WarioWare Inc. experience. Glad another generation gets a pick at the

  21. Pendragonthegreat

    How can I buy this on DS store ???

  22. Why not just make a New Wii U WW,Inc game?

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